Nomos Introduces New Metro Series Power Reserve Watch

Proportionate and well-balanced, precise construction, yet full of youthful vitality: this is the iconic Metro watch. Created by renowned Berlin designer Mark Brau, Metro is the perfect combination of precision and elegance. Although the creation of the watch was inspired by the cosmopolitan city, this watch is full of Glashütte’s characteristics-all from its DUW 4401 manual winding movement.

 The DUW 4401 movement is very special because it is equipped with an escapement structure developed by the brand itself, and Metro is also the first watch with this escapement structure. The escapement, known as assortiment in Switzerland, is a key component of the movement. It determines the precision, robustness and durability of a watch. Only a few manufacturers in the world can produce the mechanical structure independently. The process includes screwing, grinding and screwing. NOMOS from Glashütte, Germany is now officially one of the few.

 Metro disdain flashy, and pay more attention to neat appearance and extraordinary functions. The power reserve display is displayed in mint green with red and white colors to ensure that the wearer will not forget to wind the watch. At the same time, the date display is also very useful. In addition to displaying the hours and minutes, the special design of the indicator brings a new way of pointing: the tip of the pointer becomes sharper, making the pointer more accurate.

 Also new and chic details are: analog minute scales of precision measuring instruments. The embossed dots on the crown are reminiscent of the patterns on precision tools, which are not only delicate to the touch, but also excellent in visual effects. The appearance of the lugs is full of the classic charm of old timepieces, and the clear design is very modern or more comfortable: unlike the past, the watch’s lugs have an instant strap change mechanism that The beauty and practicality are unified, and at the same time, it can perfectly highlight the luxurious strap made of Holvin’s high-grade Cordova horse leather. Today, Metro watches with the new NOMOS-made escapement will debut at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show-and will be available at retail outlets worldwide from May.