Hand In Hand With The Editor-in-chief Of Time, A Journey To Time Together Swiss Meto Grandly Held The Launch Ceremony Of The Belem Cerelli Series ‘remembrance Day’ Watch In Shanghai

(July 27, 2018, Shanghai) Swiss Mido grandly held the launch ceremony of the Belem Celli series ‘Remembrance Day’ watch in Shanghai Hongyi Plaza, specially to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand The new fully automatic mechanical watch of the ‘Birthday’ series ‘Remembrance Day’ presented at the event shines. The event scene was very lively. Ms. Wang Yi, Vice President of Swiss Mido China, gathered with guests and media friends. The post-90s young writer and creative illustrator Zhang Haojin was also invited to attend, and together witnessed the extraordinary ‘anniversary day’ of the Mido brand. Taking this opportunity, Swiss Mido formally announced Zhang Haojie as the ‘time editor’ of the brand at the event site, and will work together to start a journey of time engraved in the heart.

Pictures of the launch of the ‘Memorial Day’ watch of the Belvedere series of Swiss Mido

Swiss Meto watch ‘Editor of Time’ Zhang Haoyu visited the ceremony scene picture

Ms. Wang Ji (third from left), Vice President of Mido China, and Mr. Zhang Haoyi (second from right), ‘Time Editor’ of Mido, start the installation together with other guests

Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of Swiss Mido China officially announces Zhang Haojie as ‘Editor of Time’

  In 2018, the launch ceremony of the Belvedere series ‘Memorial Day’ watch of Swiss Mido was launched in the orange ocean in the atrium of Hongyi Square in Shanghai. It started with a dazzling and wonderful dance show. The post-90s young writer and creative illustrator Zhang Haojie launched the first climax for the ceremony. Taking this opportunity, Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of Swiss Mido China officially announced that Zhang Haojin was the ‘Editor of Time’ of the brand, and presented the new Belem Celli series ‘Remembrance Day’ full automatic mechanical watch as a special gift to Zhang Haoji , Look forward to working together to start a journey of time inscribed in our hearts. Zhang Haoyu also shared his relationship with the Mido brand at the event, and expressed his great honor to be the ‘time editor’ of the Mido brand. Immediately on the scene, an ‘anniversary day’ magnet illustration was created impromptuly, interacting enthusiastically with the audience, implying that this extraordinary ‘anniversary day’ was opened together with the Mido brand.

Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of China Mido Watch China and Hao Zhang, Editor-in-chief of Time Watch

Swiss Meto watch ‘Editor of Time’ Zhang Haojin improvised ‘anniversary day’ magnet illustration

Swiss Meto watch ‘Editor of Time’ Zhang Haojin improvised ‘anniversary day’ magnet illustration

  Every beautiful anniversary deserves to be exclusively remembered. The Swiss Meto watch is specially launched to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the brand’s birthday. The new Belem Cerelli series ‘Memorial Day’ big calendar automatic mechanical watch is also a puzzle at the ceremony A stunning debut in the installation. Models with beautiful appearances interpreted new watches on the stage, no matter whether the dress is formal or refined and casual, they all show unique texture and charm. The new Belem Cerelli series ‘Memorial Day’ large calendar fully automatic mechanical watch is chic and concise, highlighting the exquisite beauty in a low-key. The large digital display in the large calendar window achieves a visually balanced beauty. Based on Mido’s exclusive Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, it features a textured double bezel, a low-profile and restrained sandblasted dial, delicate double-sided hands, a round polished stainless steel case, and a classic The double grid wide calendar display window, each with unique and ingenious details, follows the consistent classic features of the series, and is destined to become another timeless classic of Swiss Mido.

Swiss Mido Belem Celli “Remembrance Day” Watch Launch Ceremony Live Models Show Belem Celli “Memorial Day” Watch

  ‘Time’ is the mission and belief of Swiss Mido Watch as a century-old watchmaking brand. And ‘time’ also gives Zhang Haojin the possibility to realize his dream. The young post-90s young writer and creative illustrator Zhang Haojie is known as ‘the first post-90s writer’ with five million best-selling books such as ‘You Are Your Best Self’ and ‘I and the World Are Only One You’. In his popular collection of short stories, ‘Later Time Is About You,’ he created nine fascinating stories around the theme of ‘time.’ At the same time, for the first time, he directed the micro-film of the same name, ‘Later Time Is About You’, and used a non-linear narrative technique to tell the eternal topic of ‘time’. Bian Xiu’s handwriting, delicate painting style, and warm scenes, he recorded the bits and pieces of life in his own unique way, and completed a transformation of his own with ‘time’. At the same time, it also affected countless time cherished time, Young man with dreams. As Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of Swiss Mido China said, ‘I look forward to Zhang Haoyu wearing this Mido’ Remembrance Day ‘watch, writing about himself and countless young people who have grown and transformed along the way. I believe that behind every success, there is the same original intention and unremitting persistence along the way. ‘

Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of Mido China, presented a special gift of the new Belem Celli “Remembrance Day” watch by Zhang Haoyi, the “Editor of Time” of Mido, Switzerland.

Public Relations of Zhang Haojie, Swiss Time Editor
  Swiss Mido will continue to uphold the brand values ​​that have been passed down forever, and create a wristwatch that will last forever with time and centuries of precipitation and continuous watchmaking skills, and accompany and record every dreamer to meet every special moment in life , Every beautiful bit of ordinary life.

Tag Heuer Chronograph Wins ‘best Watch’ Award

The Geneva Watch Awards is the most authoritative watch competition in the Swiss watch industry. The jury awards 5000 Swiss francs ($ 5,166) to the best watch maker for the ‘La Petite Aiguille’ (Best Watch Award). With outstanding technology and avant-garde design, this is the sixth time TAG Heuer has won this award in 10 years.

   TAG Heuer’s President and CEO Jean-Christophe Babin said, “This is a great victory for TAG Heuer and our honorary chairman, Jack Heuer. In fact, many TAG Heuer classics come from Jack, Monaco, Silverstone (Silverstone), and of course Carrera, all shine with his wisdom. From the time he designed the first Carrera watch in 1964, every generation of products since then cannot be separated from his care. Pay attention. The new 1887 chronograph is just to inherit this glorious history. As a Grand Classique redesigned for the 150th anniversary of TAG Heuer, Carrera 1887 chronograph is equipped with the same spirit as the original design. TAG Heuer’s latest ‘engine’, Calibre 1887, makes it a masterpiece that far surpasses the original in terms of appearance, quality, performance and precision. ‘
  The development, manufacturing and assembly of TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronographs are all carried out at TAG Heuer’s advanced workshop in Switzerland. Its core component is Calibre 1887. This is a new modern mechanical chronograph movement made by TAG Heuer.

   We are not pursuing differences, but we are seeking to improve efficiency. The latest classic in Carrera tradition.

   ‘TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph symbolizes the outstanding achievements of Tag Heuer in the manufacture of mechanical movements and cases,’ said Jack Heuer. ‘We spent three years designing and developing new movements in a ‘all-in-one’ watchmaking workshop, using advanced Swiss equipment and mechanical tools for various micron-accurate stamping, turning and grinding processes. It is this first-class technology that has helped us to create a true ‘original home-made’ movement with a cost advantage-perfectly reflecting TAG Heuer’s famous ‘reasonable cost / reasonable price’ concept.

2017 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship Is Staged And Guo Fucheng Leads The Bright Stars To Appreciate The Elegant Equestrian Charm

From April 28th to 30th, the 2017 Shanghai Longines Global Champions Tournament was staged in the Shanghai World Expo Equestrian Park. The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines has been named the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch for the fourth consecutive year, presenting the world’s highest five-star equestrian obstacle course. On April 29, Mr. Walter von Känel, Global President of Longines, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, and Guo Fucheng, Longines’ Elegant Ambassador, came to the scene , Feel the elegant charm of the equestrian obstacle course together. Taking this opportunity as an opportunity, Longines carefully presented the famous watch series, praising the brand’s 185-year-old Swiss watchmaking tradition and its century-old passion for equestrian sports.
Five-star equestrian event returns to Shencheng, top domestic and foreign riders compete
   From April 28th to 30th, the 2017 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship came to Shencheng again. As the world’s highest-level five-star equestrian obstacle course, the 2017 Longines Global Equestrian Championship has a total of 15 stations in the world. The Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship is the third leg of the global competition and the only race in East Asia. The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines is named as the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch.

   Nearly 60 top domestic and foreign riders and more than 100 first-class horses from around the world have created a luxurious equestrian lineup for this event. Nearly 60 people including world-class celebrities Daniel Dussel, Christian Allman, Kent Farrington, Scott Brash, ‘Father of German Equestrian’ Rudeger Bilbaum, etc. Riders gather in the world’s top rankings to compete for the highest honor in equestrian obstacle course. At the same time, four Chinese riders, including Zhu Meimei, Erden Jirigala, Lai Yimin, and Liang Qiaoling, will also play their part and compete with many international riders.
   On the afternoon of April 29, the highly anticipated finals of the Longines Grand Prix opened, and the rider Liangju appeared one by one to present exciting exciting competitions to the audience. In the end, Italian rider Lorenzo de Luca won the championship with perfect performance with zero turnovers, and Dutch rider Mike Van de Frentin and Italian rider Albert Zoz ranked second and third. . Mr. Huoke Nuo, President of Longines Global, and Guo Fucheng, Longines Elegant Ambassador, presented awards to the award-winning riders and awarded them Longines timepieces.
Guo Fucheng led the bright stars to appear at the scene, elegant style helped jump the horse event

   On the Longines Grand Prix on April 29, Mr. Walter von Känel, President of Longines Global, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, and Longines Elegant Image ambassador Guo Fucheng appeared on the arena and joined hands with two elegant goddesses Wang Likun and Zhang Xueying, brand close friends Sun Yizhou, Ye Zuxin, Peng Guanying, and new generation popular idol Xu Weizhou.

   Adhering to its enthusiasm for equestrian sports, Longines also announced the ‘Longines Elegant Dress Award’ at the scene, conveying Longines’ ‘elegant attitude, true personality’ brand philosophy. On the day of the competition, star guest and famous actor Wang Likun presented awards to the award-winning guests and presented them with exquisite timepiece masterpieces from Longines, praising the seamless blending of equestrian sports and elegance.
Classic wrist watch, praises centuries-old equestrian enthusiasm
   Longines continues its enthusiasm for the equestrian sport, and adheres to the Swiss watchmaking tradition and precision timing technology since 185, and has long served as the official timekeeper for various world equestrian events. Taking this opportunity as an opportunity, Longines also presented a famous series of master watches, praising the century-old origin of the equestrian sport.

   The famous master series moon phase chronograph watch, as the designated watch for the event, presents the mysterious moon phase changes on the dial, which complements the elegant charm of equestrian sports. This timepiece is equipped with a precise timing function that reminds riders and horses of the precise movements and excellent performance on the field in the tick of a second.
   The link between Longines and equestrianism dates back to 1878. At that time, Longines produced a chronograph with a rider and his mount engraved on the case back. In 1912, Longines was the first official timekeeper for the International Equestrian Obstacle Race. Today, Longines has been widely involved in equestrian events such as obstacle course, flat horse race, endurance race, three-day race and so on.

Grateful For Yourself, Be Grateful For Others

Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November every year, and this year is November 24th (I feel that no number is good). Thanksgiving was originally a festival for old beauties. Now it is an international festival. There are different forms of celebration in different countries. The essence of Thanksgiving is a kind of gift and gratitude. It is a noble and admirable character in any country. Although it is not a traditional festival in China, in recent years, people have paid more and more attention to this festival of humanistic care, and take this opportunity to thank yourself and others.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Q2782560 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 128000
Watch diameter: 46.8X27.4 mm
Watch thickness: 7.3 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: ‘Thansgiving’ is very beautiful, but this watch is almost unavailable in China. However, as a gift for Thanksgiving rewards, Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is still a very good choice. This wrist The watch is a version of the chocolate plate introduced before. It is most loyal to the original flavor of Reverso. The sword-shaped hands and square small seconds dial are all true to the original flavor. Therefore, this watch has been very popular since its introduction. Chocolate The dial adds a European-style gentleman’s elegance to the watch, and it is bound to be ingenious with a checkered suit. If you are ready to choose gifts for yourself or for elders, this watch will be a good choice.
Girard Perregaux 1966 49525-52-432-BB4A

Domestic public price: RMB 123800
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Watch thickness: 8.5 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: One of the great advantages of Watch is that it is simple and elegant, but the details are very subtle. Personally, Girard Perregaux’s 1966 series is in line with these characteristics. If you plan to buy a watch as a Thanksgiving gift, Girard Perregaux will not let you down. This watch is a slim automatic mechanical model. The elegance of the Girard Perregaux 1966 series can be seen from the thin case, the long willow hands, to the three-dimensional scale, the classic curved case and the mirror. So quaint. The blue dial of this watch is just the current color, personality, cozy, low-key, stable but not traditional, very modern. In fact, if you have ever experienced Girard-Perregaux, what really fascinates you should be Girard-Perregaux’s automatic movement, which is so atmospheric, delicate and delicate that it is intoxicating.
Vacheron Constantin 4500V / 110A-B128 Watch

Domestic public price: RMB 149000
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Watch thickness: 11 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 150 meters
Watch details: a member of the List. Compared to the wild oak tree that has been so popular, everyone knows that Vacheron Constantin has given new life to the world, and it deserves attention. This year’s vertical and horizontal seas have been modified with a lot of details, so the appearance has weakened a lot of sporty feeling, and a little more rounded, making it a dynamic style watch in the sense of travel and leisure. Equipped with Vacheron Constantin’s newly designed automatic movement, using a rose compass 22K gold automatic rotor, very beautiful.

To sum up: A festival can last forever and everyone can accept and inherit it very consciously. It must have its profound meaning. Thanksgiving is really a festival that I deserve to be taken seriously. We need to be grateful. In such a festival, we can carefully select gifts for ourselves and those who have helped us around. Watches are a great gift. It is worthy of those who help you to get out of trouble and worthy of yourself.

Glashütte Four Seasons Watch In Winter Dream

The arrival of winter is always exciting-romantic snow, clear air, cute plush hats, hot mugs, and Christmas and New Year coming soon. Each winter is brewing a new dream, hoping to sprout and grow in the spring of next year. The Glashütte Winter Dream ‘Winter Dream’ watch shows our best wishes, and wishes the dream come true. The sparkle of the diamond is like the dazzling and delicate light shining on the ice. The designers of the original Glashütte watch factory turned this similarity into design inspiration and carved out the “winter dream” watch like a dream crystal and snow. The white winter atmosphere, women will also be deeply enchanted by its elegant and calm temperament and refined personality. Case is made of white gold, the face plate is set with 18 blue diamonds and 70 white diamonds, and the bezel is set with 64 white diamonds. The Winter Dream watch depicts a dead tree on the ice-blue dial, and the sides of the case are carved with snowflake crystals by hand. The watch has a total diamond weight of 2.050 carats and an Acqualino strap with a snowflake sparkling effect. The buckle is set with 22 diamonds. The ‘winter dream’ watch fulfills women’s desire for a sunny winter dream. The face plate is made of white gold with a layer of paper-like mother-of-pearl, the seasonal pattern is hand-pressed, and the diamond on the case is manually set by the master of jewelry craftsmanship. The precious metal case is mounted on the Cal.90 movement, which has the unique Saxon German craftsmanship and excellent quality of Glashütte: the double gooseneck fine-tuning device created by the master watchmaker of Glashütte Original Watch Factory, making the watch movement more Can be accurately adjusted to the best frequency speed. The double gooseneck-type fine-tuning device on the balance wheel fixed bridge is also a rare design in watchmaking. The Four Seasons watch collection has all the characteristics of the traditional hand-made watchmaking technology of the original Glashütte Manufacture, such as three-quarters of plywood polished with Glashütte’s unique texture, eccentric miniature hollow 21K gold automatic rotor and so on. Finished bevels, steel parts and blue steel screws.

Hublot’s Second Store In Dalian Opens In Glory

On December 1, 2012, Hublot, a Swiss top watch brand owned by LVMH, a world-renowned luxury goods group, is the northern pearl of Dalian-Dalian’s second store in Mackay Plaza Pedestrian Street gloriously opened.

Hublot Board Chairman Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, famous movie star Zhang Fengyi cut the ribbon for the store opening as a guest of honor, (from left: Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, Mr. Zhang Fengyi, McKay Dalian General Ms. Ju Jing, general manager of the store, Mr. Liu Zhongyang, general manager of Dalian Jinhua Watch & Jewellery Company)

 On December 1, 2012, Hublot, a Swiss top watch brand owned by LVMH, a world-renowned luxury goods group, opened its second store in Dalian, the northern pearl, in Dalian Mackay Plaza Pedestrian Street. Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, Chairman of the Hublot Global Board of Directors, and the famous movie star Zhang Fengyi cut the ribbon for the opening of the store as the guest of honor. This top-of-the-line watch from Lake Geneva, Switzerland has created a strong Swiss style in the Mackay store: Swiss cows, the cheese of Mr. Beaver’s own farm, the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry and the 21st century innovative watchmaking Hublot, a bold combination of technology and low-key luxury store decoration, all convey the brand concept of ‘integrated art’.

Mr. Beaver, Mr. Zhang Fengyi and Mr. Liu Zhongyang wrote a message for Hublot’s new store on cows with strong Swiss flavor

 Hublot’s Dalian McKay store covers an area of ​​86 square meters. It is the second boutique created by Hublot after the Dalian InterContinental Hotel Store and Friendship Mall counter, and the largest partner in the Northeast market-Dalian Jinhua Watches. shop. This brand-new store is located at the entrance of Mackay Square Pedestrian Street. The whole store adhering to the brand concept of ‘art of fusion’, perfect fusion of various materials: stainless steel, carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, wood, leather, natural rubber and glass. The iconic distinguished black is subtly combined with low-key luxurious high-tech elements. Dare to fuse rare materials between square inches is the most prominent feature of Hublot, and this concept also plays a decisive role in the design of the specialty store-the black marble floor with leather furniture, glass and alloy Material counters are integrated with high-tech details.

Mr. Beaver enthusiastically entertains guests visiting Hublot boutiques with Swiss cheese

 Dalian Jinhua Watch & Clock, which has a 20-year history of cooperation with top Swiss brands, provides strong support for the vigorous development of Hublot with its ultra-precision service, top-level luxury shopping environment, and grasp of the pulse of the luxury world.

Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors

 In order to celebrate the grand opening of the store, the legend of the Swiss watch industry, Chairman of Hublot’s global board of directors, Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, came to Dalian to preside over the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Mr. Beaver said: ‘Dalian is one of the most important markets for Hublot in China’s development strategy. We are also very happy to see that Hublot has won Dalian’s senior watch collectors and high-end consumers in just two years. We are full of confidence in the future development of Hublot! ‘

Mr. Beaver appreciates Hublot with Mr. Zhang Fengyi

Mr. Beaver appreciates Hublot with Mr. Zhang Fengyi

 The famous film star Zhang Fengyi, who has always been shown on the screen as a tough guy, was invited to attend the opening ribbon cutting ceremony. He said: ‘Hublot is a top luxury watch. Unlike traditional watches, each Hublot has a distinctive personality, memorable and full of unusual charm. I like it very much. Sports, I also particularly appreciate Hublot’s ‘art of fusion’ and the coexistence of sport and elegance. I am honored to attend today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony! ‘

Hublot Dalian McKay Store

 This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Dalian Jinhua Watch & Jewellery Co., Ltd. In this occasion, Hublot also launched a limited edition watch of ‘Classic Fusion Jinlong’ for the 20th anniversary of Jinhua-the new ‘Classic Fusion Jinlong’ With a diameter of 45 mm, the ancient Chinese has the noble and honorable dragon-shaped relief embossed on the black dial of Hublot. The black ceramic bezel highlights the low-key luxury. The 20 o’clock at the 3 o’clock pane and the figures engraved on the case back 1992-2012 and The words Jinhua imply the 20th anniversary of Jinhua Watches. This is also the first time that Hublot has specially customized a limited edition watch for a Chinese partner, which perfectly reflects the sincere partnership between Hublot and Jinhua Watches. This watch is limited to 50 pieces and is only available in Dalian.

Swiss Watch Exports In The First Half Of 2012 Increased By 16% Year-on-year

The latest data released by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry shows that the export of the Swiss watch industry in the first half of this year continued to maintain strong growth on the basis of excellent performance in 2011.
Total exports amounted to 10.1 billion Swiss francs (this is the first time that it has exceeded the 10 billion Swiss franc mark in the middle of the year), a significant year-on-year increase of 16.4%.
The first six months of this year continued to maintain steady growth. Except for April, each month showed double-digit growth, but in April also reached 8.5% growth. So far, exports have shown no signs of slowing down. Among them, the value of exports in June increased by 21.7% year-on-year, the largest monthly increase since the beginning of the year.
Although the economic situation in Europe is still uncertain, China’s economic growth has continued to slow down, and has reached a very high level of growth last year. The industry still maintains a good growth trend, and it is predicted that this year’s growth will even exceed last year.
Although the number of watch exports was 14.1 million, which is almost the same as the same period last year (an increase of 1.4%), its value increased by 16.9% to 9.5 billion Swiss francs, and thus occupied the largest share of total exports.
High-end watches (those whose export prices exceed 3,000 Swiss francs are big winners, and their exports have increased by 25.4%, especially precious metal models have shown strong growth. Exports of low-end and mid-end watches have grown slowly, and low-end watches (prices below 200 Swiss Francs) exports fell slightly (1.9%).
The 15 major markets in the first half of 2012 showed the following trends:

 country / region
 Export value *
 Growth rate **

 Hong Kong
 + 25.7%

 United States
 + 18.3%

 + 16.2%


 + 6.7%

 + 35.7%

 + 8.6%

 + 31.3%

 United arab emirates
 + 13.0%

 United Kingdom
 + 16.9%

 + 34.2%

 + 29.8%


 Saudi Arabia

 + 4.7%

* In millions of Swiss francs
**% compared to the first half of 2011
(Rounded to the million.)

Hong Kong is still the most important and strongest export market for Swiss watches and clocks. Its exports to Hong Kong are twice that of its second largest market, the United States. The growth of the United States market has also managed to maintain a high level. The growth rate in China does slow down, but it is still in line with the global average.
The strong growth in the German market has improved the overall level of Europe, while France, the fourth largest market for watch exports, has fallen slightly. Spain also declined slightly, with the Italian market growing 8.6%, below average growth. In the Asian market, Singapore and Thailand are both growing at less than 30%.

Seiko Quartz 40th Anniversary Limited Edition, The Annual Difference Is Only ± 5 Seconds

December 25, 1969 is a day of historical significance for world time! SEIKO launched the world’s first quartz watch, bringing great changes to human time concept and social life. 2009 coincides with the 40th anniversary of the invention of the quartz watch by SEIKO. SEIKO has selected the Grand Seiko, a high-end watch that has always been known for its precision over time, and specially launched the limited edition of the 40th anniversary of the birth of the quartz watch. Since its launch in the 1960s, Grand Seiko has adopted the design concept of ‘great in ordinaryness’, adhered to the meticulous and rigorous watchmaking process, created countless precise and practical models, and continuously developed and rewritten the movement of the ultimate precision aesthetic history , Strictly adhere to the precision and practicality of the top watchmaking technology, and sit firmly in the seat of the chief king of the Oriental Watch Factory. This year, it is equipped with a high-performance 9F quartz movement. The limited edition of the high-precision movement with an annual difference of only ± 5 seconds has once again confirmed the grand truth of Grand Seiko for half a century, and the extraordinary excellence in watchmaking technology. spirit.

Grand Seiko Quartz 40th Anniversary Limited Edition with High-Performance Quartz 9F
The annual difference is only ± 5 seconds, once again challenging watchmaking precision technology, leading the quartz watch market, achieving the king of precision.
 Grand Seiko has always adhered to the concept of ‘precision’ and ‘practical’ watchmaking. Through the advantages of a 100% self-made professional watch factory and the fine manual grinding of watchmakers, it has created an easy to read, comfortable to wear and long-term use. High-quality watch. GS’s high-performance 9F quartz movement has been loved by a large number of customers since its birth in 1993. The quartz watch 40th anniversary limited edition movement specially adjusted the annual difference to ± 5 seconds, which is different from the previous ± 10 seconds, and further pursues precise time.

Grand Seiko quartz 40th anniversary limited edition with high-performance Caliber 9F83 quartz movement
9F movement characteristics:
1. The model uses a ‘double stepping control motor’ to drive Grand Seiko’s thick five-sided three-dimensional cutting pointer, making it more recognizable.
2. ‘Instant day change mechanism’, with a switching speed of 1/2000 seconds, the date and the day of the week window will switch instantly after midnight. This is the first example in a quartz watch! It fully demonstrates that SEIKO is one of the very few in the world that owns slave movement parts. To the consistent production capacity of the finished product, the strength of the self-made watch factory, and Grand Seiko’s insistence on the perfection and precision of every design and detail of the watch.
3. ‘Vibration reduction hairspring’, which greatly reduces the jitter of the second hand, so that Grand Seiko can fully depict every second. 4. The high airtight structure of the movement can prevent the deterioration of lubricating oil and the intrusion of foreign objects into the movement, thereby maintaining the high performance and high accuracy of the movement for a long time.

Grand Seiko Quartz 40th Anniversary Limited Edition
Model: SBGT033
Case: stainless steel
Strap: stainless steel
Table diameter: 37 mm
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, week display
Movement: Caliber 9F83 quartz movement, annual difference ± 5 seconds, battery life is about 3 years
Mirror: Sapphire crystal anti-glare coating mirror
Water resistance: 100 meters
 The Grand Seiko Quartz 40th Anniversary Limited Edition completely pursues the ultra-perfect practical performance of quartz watches, far exceeding the ordinary quartz watches on the market. After nearly half a century, Grand Seiko still strictly adheres to the spirit of precision and practicality of top-level watchmaking technology, rewrites the movement of precise aesthetic history, and uses a low-key and calm classic appearance, using the advantages and expertise of 100% professional watch factory The exquisite handwork of the watchmaker and the inherent precision of the watchmaking process have become the leading pioneers of oriental watchmaking.
 Grand Seiko’s 40th anniversary commemorative limited edition model is equipped with 40 three-dimensional ‘quartz logos’ that have symbolized quartz watches since the early 1970s. The three-dimensional quartz logos are exquisitely crafted and placed in fine cutting lines. Among the diamonds, through a variety of angles of light, glamorous light shines, showing a low-key but dazzling delicate feeling. In addition, it also follows the shape, square scale and Quartz font of the world’s first quartz watch ‘SEIKO Quartz Astron’. The watch uses a golden second hand with a white white dial to symbolize the 40th anniversary of the Grand Seiko quartz watch. Commemorative limited edition timeless classic; engraved with ‘Seiko Quartz Watch 40th Anniversary’ and limited number, very memorable, limited edition of 500 models worldwide, limited edition listing.

On December 25, 1969, SEIKO developed the world’s first quartz watch exclusively.
 On December 25, 1969, the world’s first quartz watch ‘SEIKO Astron’ developed exclusively by SEIKO was sold at Wako Department Store in Ginza, Tokyo. At that time, the price was about the same as a passenger car, but the first 17 watches sold were on the market. All sold on that day. The quartz watch is a mechanism that uses the characteristics of quartz (crystal) to obtain stable and high vibration frequency by energizing, using IC to control, and then driving the pointer with a motor. An ordinary mechanical watch powered by a clockwork and controlled by a balance wheel has an average daily difference of more than ± 20 seconds. Conversely, quartz watches have tens of times higher accuracy, with an average daily difference of only ± 0.2 杪, and at the same time they are not easily affected by body movement and orientation. With the popularization of quartz watches, not only has anyone realized the correct time, only the battery needs to be replaced regularly, no daily adjustment is required, and the features of punctuality and convenience are displayed. Bring great change.
 On December 25, 1969, the world’s first quartz watch ‘SEIKO Astron’ developed exclusively by SEIKO was sold at Wako Department Store in Ginza, Tokyo. At that time, the price was about the same as a passenger car, but the first 17 watches sold were on the market. All sold on that day.
 In 2004, SEIKO (invented quartz watch) won the ‘Milestone’ award awarded by the world’s top engineering society to IEEE to influence the history of human life. Any invention that received the IEEE award must go through a 25-year test. In one fell swoop, it won the affirmation of IEEE, the world’s top engineering society, and witnessed the significant contribution of SEIKO quartz watches to human life and its impact on the watchmaking industry. According to the 2008 Japan Association of Timepieces, 98% of global watch production today is quartz watches, once again proving the importance and indispensability of SEIKO’s exclusive development of quartz watches for humans!

Reproducing The Elegance With Absolute Elegance Blancpain’s New 2014 Villeret Watch

The Blancpain Villeret series is named after the birthplace of the family. Since its birth, it has always adhered to the simple and elegant interpretation of the true meaning of timepieces, capturing the tradition that the founder of this classic timepiece has always admired. Supreme and reliable creed. Today, this absolutely elegant series has welcomed a new member-combining the eight-day power reserve with the automatic winding function with the date display function, making the time low-key presented on the classic big fire enamel dial, presenting a large The pinnacle of the three-hand model.

 The use of the Great Fire Enamel technique once again reflects Blancpain’s deep attachment and unremitting adherence to traditional watchmaking techniques. This stable and durable material can maintain the gorgeous luster of color indefinitely, which is especially suitable for decorating this elegant and beautiful classic watch. This is a very rare process, and the processing technology to achieve it requires extremely high and unique professional experience: during the production, multiple colors must be applied to the same enamel one after the other, and each layer must be applied in an extremely high temperature environment Medium roasting and strengthening; and digital enamel painting also undergoes the same high-temperature furnace fire baptism. The slightly domed dial shape undoubtedly increases the complexity of this process. Therefore, the dial needs to be carefully inspected after each operation and manually adjusted and modified. In this area, Blancpain has already been skilled.

 In addition, according to the light effect on the dial, Blancpain uses a traditional craft imperceptibly on the big fire enamel dial of this new watch-two engraved between the time numbers 4, 5, and 7, 8 Mysterious imprint ‘JB’ logo. This tradition of secret signatures originates from past enamel craftsmen, who usually engraved their acronyms in their works. Behind this small detail that is not easy to perceive is the deep love and respect of Blancpain for the source of craftsmanship.

 This new watch combines all the classic aesthetic elements of the Villeret series, exuding the inherent elegance and natural beauty of light. The watch has a double-layered red gold round case. The hollow willow-shaped hour and minute hands and the central second hand on the dial are light and agile. The three-point date window is elegant and chic, highlighting the elegant beauty. The case back is even backed by sapphire crystal. You can see the movement of the bridge decorated with the Geneva wave pattern, and the rotor with the honeycomb pattern, to see the power of delicate decorative effects.
 Driving this new self-winding mechanical watch is the Calibre 1335, Blancpain’s self-made movement. It is also equipped with an extraordinary eight-day power reserve function, which perfectly reflects the professional height of the manual watchmaking industry. There is no doubt that this watch will be praised and favored by passionate connoisseurs once it is launched.
 The 2014 Villeret collection has a 42 mm case with a chocolate alligator strap. Blancpain has created a new myth of the Villeret classic series with this masterpiece.

Celebrities Wear Watches-belgian Polar Explorers Also Love Rolex 力力士

Alain Hubert (Alan Hubert) is a big figure in the adventure world. In addition to climbing many mountains, he has also explored the north and south polar regions for exploration, but he is best known The story is that the International Polar Foundation, IPF International Polar Foundation was founded in 2002 with the purpose of promoting related research on climate change. The famous explorer has left a deep impression in the years of north and south expeditions I was also impressed by the Rolex ROLEX watch he always wore.

Alain Hubert is a Belgian polar explorer. He has been active since the 1980s and even founded the International Polar Foundation in 2002. He has contributed a lot to the study of climate change.

As a polar explorer, Alain Hubert believes that his responsibility is to continue to explore the earth and have the opportunity to see the fragile side of the earth’s ecology with his own eyes. This echoes the inferences of scientists, but scientists may be able to predict that the earth will develop. What kind of state it is, but to understand these changes in a more practical way, we still need to rely on explorers such as Alain Hubert to step by step to the usually inaccessible places of the polar, deep sea, and high mountains to investigate the environment. For the future The earth’s ecological transformation can come up with an early response. Whenever Alain Hubert returns from an adventure mission, he can more deeply experience the importance and urgency of protecting the earth, which will also promote his efforts to promote the concept of environmental conservation-which is closely related to the establishment of IPF.

Out of love for adventure, while constantly breaking through during the adventure, and being able to understand the current state of the earth’s ecology, this is the main reason for Alain Hubert to continue to invest in polar adventures

The reason why Alain Hubert is so invested in his own adventure is actually not complicated, because he feels very comfortable in the process of getting along with nature. He often talks to himself in the process, less competition between people and mentality. Stay focused more and just seek to exceed your limits one time at a time. For him, adventure is fun and enthusiastic. It doesn’t require additional motivation to keep him full of energy at any time. Alain Hubert started his adventure career in the early 1980s, during which time he had the habit of wearing watches. Until 1998, he accidentally saw the Rolex Explorer II, which matches him very quickly from the name of the series. Since then, he has become obsessed with this watch, and even further developed a cooperative relationship because he and Rolex’s ideas fit.

Alain Hubert, who had a habit of wearing watches when he was exploring, started a Rolex Explorer II because of his fate. The precise and durable characteristics of the watch made him a patron, and he also established a good cooperative relationship with Rolex in the future.

For Alain Hubert, Explorer II is not only a matter of time. It is also a life-saving sign for him in harsh environments. Explorers like them originally would wear a gear when they go out. The advantage of Explorer II is that the pointer can be used as a pointer. The compass is used, sometimes there is no basis for identifying the direction in the polar or high mountains, and you will be lost in the trap of nature if you are not careful. At this time, the Explorer II watch helps guide the direction, so that Alain Hubert has more security to find his way out. Feeling, and therefore he always wears his watch when he is on the mission.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II worn by Alain Hubert

Alain Hubert further stated that the advantage of a mechanical watch is that it can continue to operate as long as it is continuously worn, and the accuracy of the Rolex is well-known and well-known. For explorers, such high quality is even more important. Imagine If they wear a watch that will stop because the battery runs out, or a watch with unstable timing, these are a risk for explorers who are often at the point of life and death, so they can choose An accurate, practical and durable watch is something that Alain Hubert is quite happy with.
The significance of owning a Rolex to Alain Hubert is not to show off, because during the adventure, he really needed to rely on the performance of the watch to accompany him through difficulties one after another, and over time, this Explorer II also became like Part of Alain Hubert’s adventure career, because there are many tasks that rely on the assistance of watches to find a glimmer of light. For the explorers of Zhenggang, the Rolex Explorer II is a tested best partner.