China-switzerland Free Trade Agreement Signed-news Fh

On July 6, China and Switzerland signed a bilateral free trade agreement as scheduled. An economic delegation, including the Swiss Watch Industry Federation (FH), led by the Swiss Federal Councillor and Minister of Economy Johann Schneider-Ammann, and the Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng officially signed a free trade agreement in Beijing. The agreement is expected to enter into force in mid-2014.
The impact of the agreement on the Swiss watch industry can be summarized as follows:
First, according to the statistics released by the General Administration of Customs, the watchmaking trade between the two countries as a whole is dominated by Switzerland’s entry into the super, which has been going on for many years. In fact, the total number of Swiss watches exported to China in 2012 was 1.653 billion Swiss francs, while the same type of watches imported from China during the same period totaled 740 million Swiss francs.
By value, finished watches account for 98% of Swiss exports to China. According to the terms of the agreement, tariffs on these types of watches will either be eliminated in the next 5 to 10 years, or depending on the type of product, tariffs will be reduced by 60% over a period of 10 years. After the agreement enters into force, it will first implement a tariff reduction policy of 18%.
More precisely, three types of watches, namely precious metal automatic watches, ordinary metal automatic watches and non-digital display quartz watches (only these types account for more than 90% of the total export value), will be reduced by 60% from tariffs Benefit. Specifically, the tariffs on these products will fall from the current level of 11% to 12.5% ​​to the level of 4.4% to 5% at the end of the adjustment period.
Measures to eliminate or reduce tariffs in the future will apply to other products in the watchmaking industry, such as alarm clocks, movements, external parts, accessories, etc. Only the 20% tariff on bracelets exported to China and made of precious metals remains unchanged. In 2012, these products accounted for less than 0.05% of total Swiss exports.
The positive chain effects of the agreement on the Swiss watch industry, including the benefits to other export sectors, go beyond tariffs. Other elements of the agreement include provisions to protect intellectual property rights and promote investment, creating another institutional framework that places trade on a more secure and legal basis. For the Swiss watch industry, the most important thing is to improve the protection of trademarks and appellations of origin (made in Switzerland).
China, as the third largest partner of the Swiss watch industry, has become the fifth Asian country to sign a free trade agreement with Switzerland or EFTA (European Free Trade Association). The previous four countries and regions were Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.
Source: FH

Perfect Ratio Recommend Three Vacheron Constantin Heritage Watches

Vacheron Constantin’s PATRIMONY heritage watch is inspired by the creations of the 1950s. The perfect circle and harmonious proportion are the design pursuits of this series. The simplicity and generosity derived from it, whether it is relatively simple or relatively complicated, are deeply imprinted with classic traces.
Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY 85180 / 000G-9230 watch

Watch Series: Heritage Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Domestic public price: ¥ 206000
Watch details: DAY-DATE double flyback week calendar series 86020 / 000G-9508 watch

Watch Series: Heritage Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Domestic public price: ¥ 367000
Watch details: R7 movement, with a diameter of 27.2 mm, a thickness of 5.4 mm, 28,800 oscillations per hour, a total of 283 parts, and a 40-hour power reserve. The strap is also made of black Mississippi crocodile leather with 18K white gold folding buckle. Provides a water-resistant depth of 30 meters.
Summary: History is a witness to the development of a brand, and inheritance is a continuation of the essence of history. Vacheron Constantin’s three watches are a continuation and reservation of the essence of traditional watches, no matter from the overall design concept and style, or from the watch’s manufacturing technology and functions. Simple yet functional, I believe these watches will allow you to navigate every occasion.

Atmosphere Gold Watch Rolex Daytona 116518 Watch Appreciation

As the most well-known and recognized brand in the world, Rolex deserves to be deserved. Regardless of price or sales, they are among the best in many watch brands. Even friends who haven’t touched the watch will hear about Rolex’s iconic logo and name. Today we come to appreciate a watch with a blue dial from the Daytona series. Its model is 116518.
 The Rolex Blue Daytona watch, with a gold material that symbolizes wealth and success, fuses the uninhibited blue dial, showing the return of personality after success.
The Rolex Daytona Universe Chronograph 116518 Blue Watch continues the classic style of the series. The wide bezel, unique dial, bar pointers, and crown and button layout design make people recognize it at a glance. take.
 The 116518 watch case is made of gold, which is no longer special in the era of materialism and gold “flying in the sky”. However, the matte and polishing treatments still make the surface ‘glorious.’

The blue base color of the dial makes the watch look different, especially the red of the three small dials and the small second hand, which makes the watch exude a strong ‘character’. The three-dimensional digital hour markers and hands are coated with fluorescent coating, which allows the watch to emit bright light in the dim environment, which is also fast and convenient to read the time.
The bottom case is a screw-down gold case back, and it uses Rolex’s oyster design to be completely sealed and waterproof.
The overall appearance and continuation of the brand’s ‘thickness’ make the watch a bright spot on the wrist, as well as an interpretation of a different personality and attitude.
 The Daytona series is the only and most important series of Rolex sports chronograph watches. The 116518 watch is a typical representative of the series, with two special functions of timing and speed measurement.
The chronograph is a basic function in sports function watches. All watches in the Daytona series have this triangular chronograph dial layout design, which can really be called an ‘iron triangle’. This watch uses a column wheel design to make the timing smooth and the button will not be tired.
The speed measurement function is a simple scale-type function, which is indicated by the central chronograph second hand. The standard timekeeping operation is based on a distance of one kilometer, and the average speed is measured, and the movement speed can only be measured within one minute. This feature is not commonly used in daily sports. It is mostly used in racing or racing, but it also depends on personal preference.
Rolex is characterized by precision and durability, and has achieved industry leadership. In addition to the external structure and materials, Rolex is mainly based on movements, especially sports watch movements, which face more challenges than ordinary watches. More tests. The Rolex Daytona 116518 watch uses the brand’s homemade Cal. 4130 movement. Prior to this, Zenith EL series automatic winding high-frequency chronograph movement dominated Wulin, and its appearance replaced Zenith’s position, although Early Rolex Daytona used Zenith movements, but the Cal.4130 and Zenith EL series movements are very different, it is reasonable to call it self-produced.

The Rolex 4130 movement uses the Rolex Perpetual Oscillator, which has one more gear than the 3135 movement, making the winding more efficient. At the same time, the red gear patented by Rolex is used. This gear has very good wear resistance. The bridge design of the balance plate makes the balance spring system more stable and easy to maintain or adjust. The balance wheel is a unique balance wheel patented by Rolex. It has four weights, two balance weights and two timing weights.
In addition, as a chronograph movement, Rolex uses a six-tooth column wheel, which is not high-level but sufficient to ensure chronological performance.
The automatic rotor also replaced the screw bearing of the previous movement with a ball bearing to make it more durable.
 However, because the movement was earlier and did not use the Parachrom blue hairspring, which was later invented, this is a pity. However, many of the 4130 movements today have been replaced with more advanced components, which has led to the same in different watches. The 4130 movement has a different performance.
‘Forgive me for my indulgence in indulgence and freedom of love, and I am afraid that one day I will fall and betray my ideals. Anyone can do it, even if only one day you will share me …’, every time I listen to such a song, always cause The excitement in my heart brings positive energy. And the Rolex Daytona 116518 blue watch also has such a character, it is a symbol of wealth and success in the case, it is wrapped in a piercing purse, seeking the inner core of the true self. It is not like other brands with exquisitely polished and very beautiful movements. Its Daytona and even most models have a consistent bottom design. The movement is not beautiful, but its stability and practicality are almost ‘no People can be enemies. ‘
If I use one sentence to describe it, I think it is more appropriate to use the true self and positive energy of ‘indulgence and indulgence in freedom of love’.
 Watch details: rolex / 5075 /

Lei Mengwei Brand Image Miss Zhou Yun Da Nanchang Fortune Plaza Meeting

On the afternoon of September 22, 2012, Raymond Weil, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, held an event called ‘Beauty Woman Blooming Yuzhang’ in the atrium of Nanchang Fortune Plaza. Jebsen Watches Greater China Ms. Liang Meishan (third from left), Raymond Weil Greater China Brand Ambassador Ms. Zhou Yun (fourth from left)
    On the afternoon of September 22, 2012, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Raymond Weil Nanchang Fortune Plaza held an event named ‘Beauty 茗 Blooming Yuzhang’ in the atrium. Ms. Liang Meishan, General Manager of Jebsen Watches Greater China, Hengli World Watch Mr. Liu Xiaoming, the deputy general manager of the center, and Ms. Wan Shulan, the general manager of Nanchang Fortune Plaza, joined Ms. Zhou Yun, the brand ambassador of Raymond Weil Greater China, to visit Fortune Plaza and share the grand event.
    The Jasmine series is a new women’s watch series launched by Raymond Weil in 2011. The brand is inspired by the oriental soft and gentle image, emphasizing the smooth and low-key design of the case, and chooses stainless steel, plating Multiple material combinations including rose gold, diamonds and mother-of-pearl, equipped with mechanical or quartz movements, strive to present a women’s watch series that can meet the different needs of women, which shows the brand’s attention and sincerity to the female market. In order to reflect the pure and elegant temperament of the Jasmine series, Raymond Weil has hired a well-known domestic actress Ms. Zhou Yun as the brand ambassador for Greater China since last year. Elie Bernheim, global vice president of the brand, also said, “Miss Zhou Yun Wen The graceful oriental femininity is in line with the original intention of Jasmine watch creation. In my eyes, she is Jiayu. ‘In the new season’s advertising image, Miss Zhou Yun’s sweet and touching smile and elegant and soft Temperament, as elegant as jasmine, is perfectly matched with the good-looking girl she wears on her wrist. At the event, many guests and media reporters not only saw Miss Zhou Yun’s elegant and moving style, but also shared various interesting things about her cooperation with Raymond Weil. In order to thank Ms. Zhou Yun for her love and support for the brand, Ms. Liang Meishan, the general manager of Jebsen Watches Greater China, presented her with a brand new Jiayu watch, which pushed the whole event to a climax under the numerous magnesium lamps. Ms. Liang Meishan emphasized, ‘The reason why Raymond Wee chose Nanchang Fortune Plaza to hold this event is the consumption potential of Nanchang and Jiangxi Province. There are many watch lovers and watch lovers, and many love Raymond. High-end customers. In the future, the cooperation between Jebsen Watches and Hengli World Famous Center will be closer, providing customers with satisfactory products and more thoughtful services. Through continuous efforts of both parties, Raymond Weil will become the fastest-growing, One of the most influential watch brands. ‘

Which Is Better, Tissot Or Mido? Which Is Better, Mido Or Tissot?

Brand introduction
Tissot watch
  Tissot was born in 1853 in Switzerland, the cradle of watch manufacturing. With the spirit of continuous innovation in tradition, after 150 years, the name of Tissot has been spread in more than 150 countries on five continents, becoming one of the immortal Swiss watch brands in the watch altar, and has repeatedly won international awards and Awards.
  Swiss Tissot watch with a history of more than 150 years, has been dedicated to the manufacture of precise and perfect watches since 1853. The watches produced in Le Locle’s factory in Switzerland are rich in creativity, It is famous for its superior quality and ingenious watchmaking technology. The epoch-making watch introduced over the centuries is even more talked about. The ‘Czarist Watch’ made by Russian military officers in 1904, the world’s first automatic world time watch Navigator, and the world’s first plastic Table IDEA
In 2001 and 1985, the world’s first Rock Watch made of stone was introduced. In 1988, the world’s first Wood Watch was made of wood. In 2002, the world’s first touch-sensitive watch T-Touch was launched. In 2005, the world’s first watch was launched. The touch sensor also has 150 countries’ world time watches-Navigator 3000, which shows the continuous innovation of Tissot and the reason why it is a top world brand.
Mido Watches
  Mido was founded in 1918 in Zurich, Switzerland by George Schaeren. Today Mido is headquartered in the small town of Le Locle in the heart of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland. Mido is named after the Spanish ‘Yo
‘mido’, which means ‘I measure.’ It is intended to make a watch that can be your close friend. Mido’s watchmaking philosophy is a combination of timeless design and practical functions instead of following the trend. It is designed to create a piece High-quality materials, precise movements, and watches with excellent water resistance for long periods of time.
  Who can wear the magnificent buildings of ancient Rome on his wrist? Who can wear the rhythm of time flowing with the wind on the wrist? Who can wear the masterpiece of modern architectural art and the pride of New Yorkers on his wrist? Taking inspiration from masterpieces of human art, writing this period of art legend is the Swiss beauty watch that inherits the classics and continues to develop.
  Mido’s watchmaking philosophy is a combination of timeless design and practical functions rather than following the trend. The real design is more durable than the trend. Mido aims to create a watch with high-quality materials, precise movements, and excellent water resistance for long periods of time. Mido also intends to make a watch that can be your close friend. When you look at Mido, you are in a good mood. When you need it, it will be with you. Mido is a very reliable watch. The Mido watch is a Swiss watch with a personality and a lifelong dependency.
  Mido’s brand spirit is ‘inspiration confirms eternity’, so that ephemeral inspiration brings eternal emotion. The four strategies that have been consistently adhered to during the development of Mido are: 1. a distinctive style; 2. precise mechanical timing; 3. a unique Aquadura sealed crown system; 4. 100% Swiss-made. Mido has always adhered to these four strategic requirements, has never been lazy, and is always full of motivation for innovation.
  Mido watch entered the Chinese market in the early twentieth century, when it was called ‘meter’ watch, known for its accurate automatic mechanical timing and excellent waterproof quality. In 2000, MIDO entered China again under the name of ‘Meitu’ under the SWATCH Group. The 11-year beauty of returning to the Chinese market is always full of extraordinary innovation ability, leaving the classics forever.
Which is better, Tissot or Mido? Netizens comment
  Comment 1: 1, Mido’s cost performance will be higher
  2. Tissot is well-known in China, because Tissot is an entry-level product of swatch group mechanical watches, low-end fashion watches are swatch, mid-range by Longines, so Tissot, if you buy in China and Hong Kong, there will be very little discount. The price is relatively hard
  3. Mido also belongs to the swatch group. The original brand positioning was slightly higher than Tissot, but later Mido’s high-end products overlapped with some of Longines’ products. Therefore, many high-end
  4. Mido’s popularity in China is not as good as Tissot, but the discount is stronger than Tissot. In Hong Kong, it can be 8-8.5% off, and the exchange rate is almost equivalent to 6.5-7% of the domestic price. The cost performance is much higher than Tissot
  5, the same price Mido workmanship, polishing is higher than Tissot, and Mido does not have many too low-end models, there are a large number of Tissot, this will lower the brand image
  Comment 2: 1. In Tianjin, if the counter has the lowest level of activity, I’ve heard of 20% off, and Tissot rarely makes 10% off.
  2. Of course, the beauty pageant is very low. Tissot can choose very few at this price. Mido is the main force at this price. You can buy Belem Sairee’s observatory certification; or buy Bruner series, the original price is 6000-8000, which is also observatory certification. of the series
  3, 6000 can only buy the Meteorological Observatory certification, and Mido and Tissot both use ETA movement, but the polishing process of Mido is higher than Tissot
  Comment 3: I personally think that Mido watches are very cost-effective, and they are all using ETA movements, and ETA is the world’s largest manufacturer of finished movements. Longines also use ETA movements to cost 50 times more than Mido watches. %, And the ETA2892 movement has become an Omega 2500 series movement after the price is nearly twice higher than Longines, of course, the brand factor accounts for a large part, but the same movement, the same workmanship if a A sane consumer beauty is a good choice.
  As for Tissot, which was born in 1853 in the cradle of watch manufacturing in Switzerland. Relying on the spirit of continuous innovation in tradition, although 150 years later, the name of Tissot has been spread in more than 150 countries on five continents, becoming one of the immortal Swiss watch brands in the watch altar, and has repeatedly won international awards. And awards. If you choose the 4000 price, you still recommend beauty pageants.
  Comment four: Tissot. Because Tissot’s quality, brand, and fame are higher than Mido, choose Tissot if you want to buy it.
  Comment five: Tissot is more suitable for young people, more styles, and more beautiful. Mido is half a grade better than Tissot, and it is more suitable for mature people. If you are over 30 years old, Mido is recommended.
  Comment 6: Mido has more finishing than Tissot’s movement, but the gap is not very large, and the internal positioning of Swatch Group is also higher than Midos. Look at the style you choose.
  Comment 7: Mido and Tissot each have their own advantages. Most of their movements are similar. Generally, they use the 2824 movement, mainly due to the difference in branding and appearance. It’s all up to you
  Comment eight: Of course, Mido is better, and the price of Mido is also higher. At present, in the positioning of the SWATCH Group, Tissot is more civilian and popular. Mido is more in pursuit of maturity and stability, and the proportion of mechanical watches is greater. In fact, in terms of appearance design, it is easy to see the design tendency of these two brands of watches.
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Rado Opens Limited-time Pop-up Stores In Zurich And Geneva

From August 23 to September 22, the Rado Radar Limited Time Pop-up Store was grandly unveiled on the central stage of the departure area on the first floor of Zurich Airport. From August 21st to September 27th, the brand’s groundbreaking true thin series of Symphony high-tech ceramic watches also opened in Geneva. The pop-up shop is based on the design of RADO. , 9 all-tech limited edition ceramic watches were unveiled at the event.

   The new RADO TrueThinline series is inspired by the classic book ‘ArchitecturalPolychromy’ by legendary designer and architect Le Corbusier. This series of watches combines high-tech materials with architectural colors to present a unique and extraordinary color charm. For RADO fans, this limited-time pop-up store is an extraordinary holiday experience not to be missed!

   Vivid, rich, harmonious, bold, strong, lively, bright, eye-catching or pure, the new RADO TrueThinline TrueThinline Symphony High-tech Ceramics Limited Edition watch is limited to 999 pieces of each color. Watches are durable, not easy to wear, light, and comfortable to wear.

   In this limited-time pop-up store, classic models of RADO Swiss Rado are also on display, including retro timepieces-RADO CaptainCook automatic 42mm watch. Whether you like the bright and modern modern colors, or the modern iconic RADO Swiss radar design, you can find your favorite models in this limited-time pop-up store.

Tuduo Style Series Golden Couple Watch Hot Spot In 2016 Qi Cheng New Still Need To Wait

In 2013, Tudor launched the first fashion series. For three years, the series models have been approved by watch friends for their good market performance. Whether it is the dial color, the detail design on the dial surface, or the size, it gradually meets modern people’s requirements for quality life and aesthetics. It is also one of the better watches in the watch circle. Recently, the author visited the Beijing Blue Island Building Hengli World Watch Center, and found that the hot gold couples are currently on sale, the champagne gold plate is shining and attractive, and the gold bracelet makes the watch extremely ornamental. In addition, there are also classic models of the brand among them, like table friends can follow the author to preview.

Tudor Style Series Gold Couple Watch

   Compared with the previous years, the biggest change of the Gold Fashion watch is that it uses a triangular pit pattern outer ring, which is unique and novel, showing the innovative design of the new timepiece in line with modern aesthetics. The luxurious and magnificent champagne gold dial can be matched with a variety of fashions to show charming style. Men’s mature classics and women’s delicate and elegant, can be made into a couple watch, can also be worn individually, also have different styles.
Tudor HERITAGE ADVISOR 79620TN-95740 watch

  In 2011, Tudor launched the Heritage Advisor series for the first time. With its outstanding appearance and excellent functions, it has been well received by table friends. This Heritage Advisor series is presented with a two-tone surface, and the smooth black luster contrasts with a little red, which is very beautiful. Inheriting the brand’s modern design style further strengthens its sense of high-tech timepieces. As a modern interpretation of the classic alarm clock in 1957, the watch has a classic alarm function, and its movement is specially equipped with a mechanical alarm function component developed exclusively by Tudor, which can emit a uniform and crisp sound.
Tudor Style 12503 Burgundy Dial Watch

   In recent years, with the continuous updating of the public’s aesthetics, burgundy dial watches have become one of the rising trends in the watch circle. With a deep and charming wine red as the dial color, not only makes the dial color more beautiful, but also provides a refreshing and unique style for the wrist. Just like this watch, the gold case bracelet, diamonds and burgundy dial make the watch more noble and elegant, with a unique charm of women.

Summary: In the course of the visit, the author has not yet seen the spot of the 2016 hot bronze models and new Kai Cheng watches, so the watch friends who are looking forward to this need to wait for some time. If you like simple and elegant styles, then the men’s and women’s styles of the Tudor Style collection can also be selected. Cousins ​​who have recently planned to buy, may wish to take a look and choose one.

More details:
This quotation was collected on March 16, 2017. The price / inventory of the watch is subject to change at any time. Please check the store details for the final price.
[Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that you are a ‘watch home’ user, you will get more discounts
[Dealer Name]: Hengli World Watch Center (Beijing Blue Island Building)
[Dealer Address]: 1st Floor, East Zone, Blue Island Building, No. 8 Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-58214063

My Style Is Going To Be So Cool That Mido Personality Watch Recommendation

Through the spring and summer, the flowers are brilliant, and after the autumn leaves are withered, this winter, how to get rid of the accustomed routine, it is better to declare my style with a cool gesture. With its black elements, the Swiss Mido watch breaks the monotony of winter, it is deep but shiny, and it is classic but free and fashionable. It can shine on the streets, it can be a hip-hop office, it can drive the wildness of motorcycles, and it can also hold the carnival gas field. Who are they? Take a look.

Mido Belem Celli Series M8608.3.18.9

Product model: M8608.3.18.9
Domestic public price: ¥ 8700
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Case thickness: 11.45 mm
Movement model: ETA 2825-2
Case material: PVD black frosted stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details:
Product model: M038.431.37.051.09
Domestic public price: 10200
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 11.79 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80
Case material: PVD black-plated stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 80 fully automatic winding movement, can provide 80 hours of power storage, good practicality.

Mido Commander Series M021.626.36.051.00

Product model: M021.626.36.051.00
Domestic public price: ¥ 7800
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 11.97 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80
Case material: PVD gold-plated stainless steel case
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, with a unique dual window large calendar function, unique, making the watch even more unstoppable.

Summary: Although all three watches have eye-catching sizes, they are not exclusive to men. Today, men’s watches and women’s watches have become the favorite of many fashionable women, so the watches not only make boys cooler. , Can even become a female wrist fashion weapon.

Wanguo Automatic Weekly Calendar Chronograph Watch

Estimated price: HK $ 24,000 ~ 40,000
Falling mallet 65,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 57270 yuan)
Including commission 81,500 HKD (about RMB 71580)
【the year 1995】
Accessories: None
Size: 39mm in diameter
Condition: Two-piece polished stainless steel case with black dial. The dial, case, and movement are all signed. Stainless steel pin buckle.
[Comment] The average level of watch fans can see through at a glance, this watch is based on the more common 7750 movement, IWC with different models of the same movement, the second-hand market price is less than 16,000 yuan! Why this model is so expensive, I still can’t figure it out. Since you are willing to pay this price, why not go to a watch store to buy a new watch?

Unstoppable Diamond Temptation Three Luxury Ladies Watches Recommended

Women all love beauty, and are tempted by gold, jewelry and designs with a sexy structure. Therefore, when a watch can effectively capture women’s love, transform it into an extremely charming appearance, and perfectly integrate with a precise and reliable movement, it is not difficult to imagine how the women who own it are intoxicated. Today, Watch House recommends three ladies’ watches for you to appreciate their ultimate charm in more detail.
Breguet Queen of Naples 8918BB / 58/864 / D00D

Model: 8918BB / 58/864 / D00D
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k white gold
Strap Material: Silk Satin
Case diameter: 36.5 * 28.95 mm
Watch details: Carat. Silver-plated gold dial with hand-engraved pattern, partially embellished with white natural mother-of-pearl, set with a delicate pear-shaped diamond at 6 o’clock, weighing about 0.09 carats, beautiful and gorgeous. It is equipped with Breguet. Cal.ibre 537/1 movement, 8¾ legal minutes, 20 rubies, 44 hours power reserve. Swiss lever escapement, silicon balance spring. Vibration frequency is 3.0 Hz. The perfect combination of diamond and natural mother-of-pearl, I believe that no woman will be immovable.
Piaget POLO Jewellery Collection G0A36233

Model: G0A36233
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18k white gold
Strap material: 18k white gold
Case diameter: 32 mm
Watch details: Passementerie RDDBVE0015

Model: RDDBVE0015
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap material: satin
Case diameter: 36 mm
Watch details: Passementerie. The case is made of rose gold, and the bezel, lugs, decorative parts and rose gold adjustable folding buckle are set with brilliant-cut diamonds with a total weight of 1.66 carats. The center of the dial is brushed and the periphery is satin Sun pattern decoration. The most special strap of this watch is an ancient Parisian store (its exquisite craftsmanship is fully reflected in the decoration of extraordinary places such as the Louvre and Versailles), and it is delicately covered on an elegant light brown strap. Layered mesh silk pattern, and finished with a fine weaving decoration, imitating the production of fine stockings. Equipped with Roger Dubuis RD821 automatic winding movement, with a total of 168 precision parts and 33 jewel bearings, a thickness of 3.43 mm, can provide a 48-hour power reserve.
Summary: The designers of every female watch are good at capturing and presenting the most beautiful aspects such as diamonds and precious metals in the shape of the watch, only to create this exquisite timepiece that appeals to women. And the high price makes people appreciate it more. Maybe some things only have a beauty from a distance.