Racing-like Passion: Seven Top Chronograph Recommendations

From watches and luxury cars, watches and yachts, watches and aviation, and even watches and arts, watches and adventures, the examples of successful cross-border cooperation are endless. Well, today we list the most speedy watch in the watch-chronograph, tell the story of watches and racing. [Watch details] On the new chronograph dial, the three chronograph dials are reminiscent of the dashboard of a high-end sports car. The crown is like a driving gear. The double-layered bezel design is inspired by the brake disc, just like a real racing car , Full of vitality and avant-garde.
As a precious metal 18k rose gold model, a forged carbon component similar to a sports car vent is added to the left of the middle ring of the case; the carbon button bridge on the right is fixed to the case with four exposed screws, showing Graceful ridges. The cal.3126 self-winding movement is equipped with a 3840 chronograph component, which meets the needs of precise timing.
Reference price: RMB 428,000
[Watch details] In 1962, TAG Heuer Carrera became the first official timer for the twelve hours of sebring. This year, when TAG Heuer unveiled the star movement calibre 1887, which took four years to develop, it still carried this ambitious Calera 1887 chronograph.
The TAG Heuer automatic dial and the satin-polished tachymeter scales have all certified its racing heritage style. The advanced treatment of silver and black dials and the best ratio can instantly feel the noble and elegant Calella tradition. The special luminous indicators of the pointer and scale ensure that the cockpit instruments are as clear and easy to read under any conditions.
Reference price: RMB 25,960
[Watch details] In September 2010, when the F1 Italian race started on the legendary track in Monza, Hublot, the official timekeeper of f1, also missed the opportunity to launch this f1tm, a limited edition of 200 pieces worldwide. monza limited edition.
Like the Hublot f1 special edition released earlier, the monza limited edition is also based on its ‘King Supreme’ king power series. The difference is that the monza limited edition has the industry’s first red sapphire crystal. In addition, the red and white time scales, hours, minutes and seconds, with a black ceramic case, together create the speed and passion of F1.

[Watch details] The Porsche design, which combines Porsche’s German design with Swiss precision manufacturing technology, can be called a famous cross-border brand. This p’6612 was issued to commemorate Porsche’s world record of 16 times in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France (the first victory in 1970).
The watch itself is full of racing elements, such as a matte polished titanium case, especially the black calfskin strap that imitates the Porsche 917k racing steering wheel that year, which is an evocative classic. The watch is limited to 917 pieces and comes with a 917k racing model in the box.
Reference price: RMB 60,000
[Watch details] Tudor and Porsche Racing Technology have a long history and share common ideas. In 2009, the two brands launched a ‘timing partner’ relationship. Tudor continued to support a number of Porsches. International Cup One. ,
This year’s new heritage chrono, although it is a reprint of the oysterdate chronograph launched by Tudor in the early 1970s, can also be described as the meeting point of retro style and speed pursuit. It interprets the history of the car with a stylish style and coveted exquisite appearance. The essence of technology and aesthetics has a charming charm.
Reference price: RMB 22,348

[Watch details] Speaking of the Mille Miglia series, which must be owned by Chopard every year, it is a classic example of cross-border design. Iconic Dunlop racing tire patterned natural rubber strap, bold 44mm stainless steel or 18k rose gold case, the unique slender figures on the dial not only inherit the consistent digital characteristics of the mm series, but also match the retro Full-bodied design.
The rhodium-plated gray dial with organic carving pattern is reminiscent of the dashboard of an antique car; the invisible surging power comes from a self-winding precision chronograph movement certified by the Swiss official observatory cosc.
Reference price: RMB 27,378
[Watch details] For a long time, we have pursued a clear sports line, especially the Certina brand actively engaged in racing and extreme sports. This year, with such an eye-catching high-end quartz watch, it perfectly interprets the brand’s design philosophy and will The advantages of the countdown function and precision chronograph are fully contained in its beautiful black PVD coated steel case, which is at the forefront of extreme sports thinking and style.
运动 Sporty and exciting appearance, precise and reliable inside, no one can remain indifferent to it. The eta 251.233 movement certified by the cosc ​​Swiss official astronomical observatory has a 1/10 second timing function and is extremely accurate.
Reference price: RMB 9,900

Exclusive? Realization And Perplexity Of Unique Attributes Talk About This Limited Culture

When I browsed the watch forum online that day, I suddenly thought of a question: What would happen when a large number of rare watches are displayed in front of our eyes? At a party of Rolex watch enthusiasts, I took a picture like this: 20 Comex watches lined up and concentrated between the square feet. Comex Ref. 5514 and Ref. 16600 are one of Rolex’s rarest models, each priced between 50,000 and 100,000 Euros. Such a luxurious luxury completely violates the exclusiveness of the Rolex Comex watch.
   This situation is a bit like seeing 30 Ferrari 250 SWB at a collectors’ meeting in California’s Pebble Beach, as if 40 Ferrari F12 Berlinettas crashed together on the Nurburgring in Germany. People can only be sighed: the output is so poor, how can you see so much here, it is so bright? !!
   Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘Exclusive’ as such: it is not shared, only individuals or a group of people can own it. That’s easy to understand. The key to the problem lies in the size and composition of the group. Today, there are about 17 million millionaire families on the planet, and there will be more and no less! Many of them are pursuing rare and beautiful playthings, doing different things, looking for positioning in a certain field, and making themselves stand out from other beings. Behind all desires and desires is the demand for the subtle concept of ‘Exclusive’, even less wealthy people are following suit.
The foundation of the exclusiveness is exquisite workmanship, rare and elegant limited creations, like this Laurent Ferrier watch

   Taking a watch as an example is deliberate, because for the faithful of the watch, choosing a watch is not a whim. To varying degrees, watches are seen as symbols of success, taste, accomplishment, elegance and profoundness. Not to mention success, the other standards mentioned above are closely linked to watchmaking brands and models, and they need to be connected to meet each other, instead of being displayed in major shopping malls around the world.
With one glance, can you appreciate the artistic value behind the Speake-Marin name

   The definition also applies the vocabulary: exclusivity. Exclusive and exclusive watches must be rare, which is why the only success in creating and customizing watches. In addition, exclusive watches must also be difficult to recognize, even if others see it, they will not feel like they have known each other. But then again, how does such a watch show personal taste? Taste is a social aesthetic orientation, and it requires a specific group of people to recognize it before it can be effective. This characteristic goes against the essence of the brand’s desire for everyone to know it. Brand strategies are often contradictory: they tend to produce limited series, but they are not that thorough. IMHO, can 1,000 be limited?

Who can recognize this is a Henry Moser Perpetual Calendar white gold watch?
   I remember the first time I visited the Henri Moser factory, a participant wore a brand watch. Unexpectedly, he later mentioned that he was a teacher in France. The education circle is modest and modest, does not like luxury, and spends 15,000 euros just to satisfy his passion for watches and clocks? His explanation couldn’t be simpler: ‘No one knows what I’m wearing.’ This experience made me realize that the key to achieving unique speciality lies in the channels of acquiring knowledge. Let everyone recognize what others are wearing on their wrists. This knowledge should be popularized, so that it will make sense to choose the ostentatious display of exclusive watches. One sand and one world, the same is true for clocks and watches, vast and immense, as brilliant as a sea of ​​stars. Finding your own way and positioning is as important as mastering the subtleties of foreign languages.

Tenderness Time: Glashütte Log Table Setting New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is coming, and the family is waiting for our phone and gifts. In busy days, are you worried that you will forget this important day and hurt your family? Never mind, let your log sheet remind you of the coming of New Year’s Day!
 Glash & uuml; tte Original Senator Diary Platinum Edition
1. Set date
Press and hold the button at 8 o’clock until the letter in the window changes to ‘d’;
Turn the crown at 10 o’clock until the red hand selects the date 18.
2. Set time
Please press the button at 8 o’clock again to make the letter ‘h’;
Rotate the crown and select the time from 00.15 to 24.00 in a quarter at the 6 o’clock window.
3. Activate alarm
Please press the button at 8 o’clock again to turn the window into an alarm symbol (bell) and the alarm will be set.
When the set date and time comes, the alarm will sound & mdash; & mdash; can last up to 80 seconds.
You no longer have to worry about forgetting important days!
   The heart of the log watch is the Glashütte 100-13 movement, which combines the 100-03 movement with the new outstanding diary special module, with a total of 600 parts (excluding the diary special module alone, there are 340 parts), except for the Very few are designed, manufactured, finished and carefully assembled by the Glashütte Watch Factory. As a model of Glashütte’s craftsmanship, its clever chain mechanism allows the wearer to set it at the end of the month, even if the date needs to be manually adjusted: any date-related changes at the end of the month will also change the alarm device, so you do n’t have to re- Set the alarm. The alarm module has a built-in third barrel, ensuring that even if the timing barrel is stopped, the alarm will remain on the chain.
   The 100-13 self-winding movement further proves the outstanding craftsmanship of Glashütte’s exquisite mechanical watch. It has three-quarters of Glashütte diamonds, polished steel parts, chamfers and blue steel screws. These exquisite decorations can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass chassis.
Glash & uuml; tte Original rose gold version of the Senator Diary journal watch
The diary watch is available in white and rose gold. The latter features a rose gold case with rose gold hours, minutes and sliding seconds. The silver dial features rose gold hour markers and a small diary alarm. The date display of the counter and the small arrow indicator of the diary alarm time window at 6 o’clock are in blue. All versions feature a carefully crafted Louisiana alligator leather strap.

Bring More Decent Three Men’s Formal Watches Recommended

For men, a formal watch is like a well-suited suit. Although it will not be worn every day, it will always be useful. Formal watch, the English name is Dress watch, it is best to choose classic styles and expensive materials. The styles are usually elegant round watches or exquisite square watches. The following watch houses recommend three popular dress watches.
Omega Constellation Zunba Watch

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 145,500
Watch details:
Model: 49527-52-131-BK6A
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 136,000
Watch details: 156,000
Watch details: 39-59 self-winding movement, using the classic gooseneck-type fine-tuning device, the traditional three-quarter splint, highlighting the traditional German top watchmaking skills. Provides a 40-hour power reserve
Summary: All three watches are made of rose gold. Rose gold, as a precious metal, is slightly darker than gold but more noble and elegant. It is more suitable for formal wear, showing the mature and stable side of men. Although it is not cheap in terms of price, as a watch suitable for men’s formal wear, it will definitely make you more mature.

Maritime Must-have Five Sailing Watch Straps Take You To Ride The Wind And Waves

People’s use of watches is not only limited to timekeeping, there are more and more marine-related functional watches. There are many successful entrepreneurs and top rich people in the world who are keen to participate in and sponsor some sailing competitions. In addition to self-breaking, challenging the limits, facing nature and respecting nature are increasingly being instilled in it.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II

In August 2013, the Rolex Fastnet Yacht Race was held on the southern coast of the United Kingdom. To this end, Rolex launched a new Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II watch this year, which can be set to countdown from 1 to 10 minutes. And has a stop seconds function. Stainless steel case, 44 mm in diameter, equipped with Rolex 4161 self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory.

AmboLouis Vuitton TamburTwin Chrono

 Louis Vuitton Tambour Twin Chrono

This Louis Vuitton Tambour Twin Chrono watch can record the race time of two sailing boats and the time difference between reaching the end point. White gold case, 45.5 mm diameter, white gold carved, translucent blue enamel dial, equipped with LV175 automatic chronograph movement, power reserve 35 hours.

限量 Omega Seamaster Series ‘New Zealand Chiefs’ Limited Watch

 Omega Seamaster ‘New Zealand Chiefs’ Limited Edition Dive Watch

庆祝 To celebrate the New Zealand Chiefs’ participation in the America’s Cup regatta in San Francisco in 2013, Omega has launched a new limited edition of the hippocampus ‘New Zealand Chiefs’ watch. Stainless steel case, 44 mm in diameter, equipped with Omega 3330 automatic winding coaxial movement, silicon springs, certified by the Swiss official observatory.

Kunlun Admiral’sCup Admiral Cup AC-ONE45 Regatta watch

 Admiral Kunlun AC-One 45 Regatta Watch

Kunlun launched the first Admiralty watch in 1961, which has more than 50 years of history. This series has also been cooperating with major world sailing events. Functionally, the watch is equipped with a jumping countdown function of 0 to 10 minutes and a 12-hour timekeeping function. Titanium case, black PVD-coated outer ring, 45 mm diameter, equipped with C0040 automatic movement.

Zenith ElPrimero Stratos Thebault Special Edition

 Zenith El Primero Stratos Thébault Special Edition

Although Zenith El Primero is not a professional marine sailing watch, this Zenith El Primero Stratos Thebault Special Edition is a watch specially launched for the research and development activities of environmental explorer Alain Thebault’s Hydrotere. The Hydroptere is currently the fastest non-powered sailing boat in the world per nautical mile. This watch is made of Alchron with a diameter of 45.5 mm. It is equipped with an El Primero self-winding movement and has a tenth of a second function.

Watches Alliance With Haitian Sheng 筵 The Man Wearing A Yacht Wears A Watch

Recently, Hublot joined hands with the Chinese yacht club to organize the Fang Hongzhou International Yacht Club, which was so popular at the beginning of the year. Like other marine sports, the yachting industry is getting more and more attention from emerging wealthy people, and it has become a more prominent category than golf and equestrian. The cooperation between watches and this industry has gradually begun to increase. Of course, many brands have also established long-term cooperation with some sailing and yachting competitions. Now let’s take a look at which watch brands have launched related watch styles before.

Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta 3-Day Power Flyback Chronograph

This is Panerai’s first watch equipped with functions dedicated to the nautical world. The newly launched P.9100 / R movement is equipped with a regatta countdown function, which is specially created for the countdown of classic sailing competitions. Press the chronograph stop / start button at 10 o’clock and the relevant hands start to rotate. The 8 o’clock button is used to stop the chronograph operation and reset all chronograph hands to zero. The outer edge of the dial is not only printed with a 15-minute scale for the countdown to the start of the race, the last five minutes are highlighted in orange, but also equipped with a speed scale in nautical miles to measure the speed of the sailing boat within a certain distance.

Athens Monaco Limited Edition Watch

The Monaco Limited Edition watch is a marine astronomical watch, limited to 100 pieces worldwide. Each watch is individually engraved with unique collection value. The special water blue dial is printed with a nautical pattern, which contains the essence of the ocean, and is crafted for people of different temperaments. The Monaco limited edition watch uses a titanium and stainless steel case, is equipped with the self-developed UN-118 self-winding basic movement, and is built with the new DiamonSil technology. The watch has its own oscillator and patented spring, a 60-hour power reserve display; a 100-meter water-resistant case; an oversized second hand display; a calendar window display at 6 o’clock; and Athens’s famous simple date fast-forward and backward function .

Tag Heuer 500M Calibre 72 Countdown Automatic Chronograph

TAG Heuer Calibre 72 watch will use the countdown function to display key minutes such as 5, 10 or 15 minutes before starting, color them out, until the start of the race. The perforated hour and minute hands allow competitors to read the countdown window in the blink of an eye. The TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 72 countdown chronograph shows time in color and helps players win the crown. It is the top sailing timer in Swiss watches.

豪 This TAG Heuer has a water-resistant depth of 500 meters: Proof of superior waterproof performance and strict production standards and product inspections provide a reliable guarantee. Fluorescent hands and hour markers are hand-applied to ensure that they can be clearly distinguished in the dark or underwater. Small seconds at 9 o’clock. Dial with horizontal line effect decoration. 10 o’clock position. Automatic helium valve. Diamond-shaped hands. One-way rotating ceramic bezel: hollow out, minute and hour hands. The stopwatch minute chronograph dial is manually assembled with an hourly date at 12 o’clock and an angled calendar window with a magnifying glass. This Tag Heuer watch is equipped with the TAG Heuer Calibre 72 automatic movement. Diameter 30.0 mm (13 law minutes); 51 rubies; quick calendar adjustment; balance wheel frequency, 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz); power reserve of about 40 hours; hour, minute and small seconds at 3 o’clock The minute counter at 9 o’clock; the hour counter at 6 o’clock; the central seconds hand at 12 o’clock; the minute countdown at 12 o’clock; the calendar window; the finely frosted rotor, engraved with ‘TAG Heuer Calibre 72 Swiss Made’.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II

At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair 2013, Rolex launched the new Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II watch. This groundbreaking regatta chronograph was launched in 2007. For the first time, the new Yacht-Master II watch uses 904L stainless steel and is equipped with a blue ceramic ring. Designed for professional sailors and yacht lovers, this watch perfectly embodies Rolex’s expertise in precision, function and reliability. The Yacht-Master II watch has a unique Rolex-developed function: it can set the countdown from 1 to 10 minutes, and through the built-in mechanical memory function, reset the countdown with the same time limit. After the countdown is started, it can be precisely adjusted at any time according to the official countdown. The countdown function ideally meets the need for precise timing at critical moments before the start of the regatta. Although technically complicated, it is very easy to use: the countdown can be set by rotating the outer ring with RING COMMAND. The RING COMMAND outer ring was developed by Rolex and constitutes a new interactive interface between the outer ring and the movement.

 AmboLouis Vuitton TamburTwin Chrono

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Louis Vuitton Cup, Louis Vuitton has specially launched a watch with an exclusive and innovative movement for the “Rivalry” format: the Tambor Twin Chrono. The time difference between the two times can be displayed on the dial. This innovative technology was designed and manufactured by La Fabrique du Temps, a fine watchmaking workshop owned by Louis Vuitton, and is regarded as an important milestone in the history of chronographs. This innovation is achieved through a movement consisting of four independent power mechanisms, three of which are specifically designed to support dual timing functions. The biggest challenge facing technology is to ensure the perfect synchronization of the four power units in motion, so as to ensure the simultaneous or continuous start and stop of the dual timing function. From the transparent case back, you can see this exquisite mechanical structure developed over four years. The power mechanism for the dual chronograph function uses a manual clockwork mechanical movement, which can be wound manually by a crown at 4 o’clock, decorated with a boat-shaped engraving. The power unit for displaying the hours and minutes is an automatic movement, and the time display can be adjusted using the crown at 2 o’clock (with Louis Vuitton acronym LV engraving).

 限量 Omega Seamaster Series ‘New Zealand Chiefs’ Limited Watch

米 Omega has long supported the excellent sailing players of the New Zealand Chiefs (ETNZ). To celebrate the participation of the New Zealand Chiefs in the world’s top event, the America’s Cup Regatta in San Francisco in 2013, Omega Glory has released a limited edition diving watch for the New Zealand Chiefs in the hippocampus. The Omega Seamaster ‘New Zealand Chiefs’ limited edition diving watch uses a black matte dial with a red seconds scale track on the bezel. The central hour and minute hands are hollowed out and equipped with a central chronograph second hand. Small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. The 30-minute chronograph small dial at 3 o’clock uses red hands, a striking red bezel and a five-minute countdown to the regatta. The 12-hour chronograph dial at 6 o’clock also uses red hands with a calendar window below.

Kunlun Admiral’sCup Admiral Cup AC-ONE45 Regatta watch

The new AC-One 45 regatta watch inherits the classic characteristics of the Admiral’s Cup since the advent of the Admiral’s Cup series in 1960, and at the same time embodies the three main tenets of Kunlun watch creation for the series: Combining high creative technology with traditional watchmaking skills, reflecting the brand’s connection with the maritime community, and unique designs with strong brand colors. The watch is equipped with a jumping countdown function of 0 to 10 minutes. The aperture-type countdown display is clear and easy to read. It also has a 12-hour timekeeping function to meet the needs of the regatta.

The unique countdown function of the watch allows players to play more freely in the game. Before the sound signal of the first regatta is issued, players can set the countdown function of 0 to 10 minutes progressively through the crown according to the standards or regulations of the regatta, and then press the button to start the countdown before the competition . Set the aperture-type countdown display indicated by the red arrow at 3 o’clock. When the countdown is set to 10 minutes, the red arrow indication will jump to the 9-minute digital display after 60 seconds; and when jumping to the 0-minute digital display That is, the last sound signal sounded, and at the same time, it officially started the game. This movement is specially designed for the regatta, allowing players to set the countdown time of the first and last sound signal before the start of the race, so that time is in their hands.

Zenith ElPrimero Stratos Thebault Special Edition

Although Zenith El Primero is not a professional marine sailing watch, this Zenith El Primero Stratos Thebault Special Edition is a watch specially launched for the research and development activities of environmental explorer Alain Thebault’s Hydrotere. The Hydroptere is currently the fastest non-powered sailing boat in the world per nautical mile. This watch is made of Alchron with a diameter of 45.5 mm. It is equipped with an El Primero self-winding movement and has a tenth of a second function.

Patek Philippe Super Complication Watch

Friends who are familiar with Patek Philippe must know that the Ref. 5016 Super Complicated Function Watch was born in 1993. This three-question, tourbillon, and perpetual calendar are three top-level complex functions, together with flyback and moon phases. The classic watch on an extremely low-key and restrained dial has been favored by collectors and enthusiasts for the past 18 years. At Baselworld 2011, Patek Philippe released the new Ref.5216R watch, which is a comprehensive evolution of Ref.5016: it not only retains the five classic functions of Ref.5016 and the classic dial layout, but also slightly increases The large case can increase the resonance of the three-question function, making the timepiece sound of the watch fuller and louder. Today, the new Ref. 5216R ranks fourth on Patek Philippe’s list of super-complex watches, second only to the astronomical tourbillon Ref. 5002 (Sky Moon Tourbillon), the triple-complex watch Ref. 5208 and Ref.5207, which debuted in 2008. The new Ref.5216R uses a 39.50mm rose gold case, which is 2.7mm larger than the Ref.5016. Comes with its hand-stitched chocolate brown alligator strap. 18K gold folding clasp with Patek Philippe classic design. In addition, the bottom cover can be selected according to personal preference 18K rose gold solid bottom cover or interchangeable sapphire crystal transparent cover.
The silver-white solid gold dial has more space to ensure that the eight time and calendar displays are more clear and easy to read: the date display uses the red arrow’s automatic return pointer to indicate the date in the 240 ° arc area between 8:00 and 4:00 The window-type week, leap year cycle and month display are located at 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock in order; the small seconds dial at 6 o’clock integrates the moon phase display into one, effectively using the dial space.
The watch uses gold three-dimensional hour markers and three-dimensional royal hands. The case uses a classic Calatrava-style case and a polished polished bezel. The entire watch looks very clean and simple. On the side of the case, there are adjustment buttons: the buttons between 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock are used to adjust the date and day; the buttons between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock are used to adjust the month and leap year; The button between 6 o’clock is used to adjust the moon phase; the button between 6 o’clock and 7 o’clock is used to adjust the week.
The new Ref. 5216 is equipped with a R TO 27 PS QR LU manual-winding movement, which is 28mm / 8.6mm in size and consists of 506 parts. The tourbillon is made of stainless steel and consists of 69 parts, weighing 0.3 grams.

Exquisite Taste Tasting Tourbillon 81889 Watch

For more than two hundred years, in the palace of top art, the tourbillon watch that counterbalances the gravity with its tiny escapement is destined to be the most exquisite movement in mechanical watchmaking. . In 2012, Tianwang watch collected the brand’s many years of research and development experience, and launched the brand’s first tourbillon series-Tianjue Tourbillon, inheriting and interpreting the spirit of excellence and perfection represented by tourbillon. Today I want to introduce you to the Tianwang Tourbillon Tourbillon Series 81889 watch.
   The watch case and case back are made of stainless steel, and the bezel is plated with 18K rose gold, which looks high-end and atmospheric. It is equipped with a stainless steel crown and sapphire crystal, and is waterproof to 50 meters.
   At 6 o’clock on the dial, the tourbillon is decorated with the crown logo of Uranus. At 9 o’clock, there is a 24-hour sub-dial and moon phase profit and loss display, and at 3 o’clock, there is a flyback calendar hand.
   Equipped with a manually wound tourbillon movement, equipped with 25 gems, with tourbillon, hour, minute, calendar and moon phase profit and loss display functions.
   The watch has a dark brown American crocodile leather strap with a double-button double-open stainless steel belt buckle, and the stainless steel buckle is etched.
Summary: the pinnacle of craftsmanship, the era. In order to convey the spirit of tourbillon’s pursuit of excellence and perfection to modern people, as well as to inherit and interpret this spirit, Tianwang Watch has gathered many years of research and development experience to design and produce the Tianjue Tourbillon series watches.

Light And Shadow Chords 2016 Geneva Watch Fair Piaget Pavilion List

From January 18th to January 22nd, the 26th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon opened at the Palexpo Exhibition Center. Piaget brought new creations of fine jewelry and high-end watches to Geneva. The design of the pavilion cleverly uses light and shadow to make timepieces naturally become the focus of attention.

   The bright sky and starry sky above the pavilion are just like the endless creativity, excellent craftsmanship and endless masterpieces of the brand.

   Each of the showcases looked down from above, as if the stars on the earth.

   From the center of the exhibition hall, you can overlook the stars. Piaget cleverly applies the mirroring principle to add a layer of dimension to the exhibition hall, making it more bright.

   Showcase windows are set up on the side wall of the exhibition hall, and the brand’s artistic accomplishments and excellent craftsmanship are fully interpreted through timepieces.

   The long river of abstract time sprinkles mysterious brilliance, injects Piaget’s creativity and ingenuity into precious precious timepiece works, so that one fascinating mechanical masterpiece, and the brand’s long and glorious history are plated with magnificent and charming light and shadow.
   The above is the cutting-edge information of the Earl Hall of the 2016 Geneva Watch Fair, which was carefully prepared by the report staff in front of the Watch House. If you want to know more details, please pay attention to the special report of the 2016 Geneva Watch Fair:

Beauty And Treasure Tasting Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Rose Cream Gold Watch

In our impression, rose gold is born with a warm and luxurious style. It is even more so after polishing and polishing. It exudes a more delicate and soft gloss, which makes viewers love it all. On this romantic material. Watches made of rose gold tell their own quality time. At the Geneva Watch Salon 2017, Audemars Piguet, a Swiss watch brand with extreme craftsmanship, launched the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series rose frost gold watch. It is created with a unique ‘hammer gold’ process, which not only combines the material itself Characteristics, and added a new visual beauty of ‘Frost Gold’, highlighting the eye-catching and beautiful time. (Watch model: 15454OR.GG.1259OR.01)

Unique and beautiful

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ‘Frost Gold’ Watch

   I have to admit that whether it is rose gold or white gold, under the ancient ‘hammer gold’ process (also known as the Florentine process), the material itself has a new look. Using a diamond-tipped tool on the top to hit the gold surface gives the watch a diamond-like brilliant visual effect. Compared to the original smooth material, this watch is presented after this exquisitely crafted complex process. Its unique texture makes the surface of the watch brighter under the light. The octagonal bezel and the outside of the strap are treated with brushing and polishing, which makes the watch simultaneously have the double beauty of delicate and ‘rough’ gold, and retains softness and flexibility, making the entire watch unique. , Meiruo jewelry.

Highly recognizable watch design
   Whether from the octagonal case or the special bracelet design, it contains Audemars Piguet’s unique watchmaking genes, showing the brand’s exclusive beauty. It is made with an ancient hammer gold process, although it is not set with a diamond, but its bright appearance is not inferior.

The side of the bezel is polished, and the side of the case is brushed.

Three different craft shows
   The 37mm rose-frost gold case, after ‘hammer gold’, polishing and brushing, presents three different watch-seeing feelings, showing the multi-faceted beauty of rose gold in different ways. And the Trinity is meticulously crafted to show the overall ornamentality of the watch, such as the diamond version shining and very beautiful.

Crown display
   The octagonal crown is engraved with the brand’s LOGO ‘AP’, which contrasts with the crown of the round concave design, showing a full and intuitive Audemars Piguet ‘style’.

Glamorous silver dial
   The silver dial in the middle is more attractive against the background of rose frosted gold octagonal case. Decorated with the ‘Grande Tapisserie’ large checkered pattern and the unique Audemars Piguet rose gold hour marker design, the dial is more three-dimensional. The date display window is located at the 3 o’clock position of the watch, and together with the central hour, minute, and second hands form the watch’s display function.

Calibre 3120 self-winding movement
   Through the transparent sapphire glass back cover, the movement can be seen at a glance. It is equipped with Calibre 3120 self-winding self-produced movement and has a power reserve of 60 hours.

Even more dazzling is the rose-frost gold strap
   The 18K rose gold strap is treated with ‘frost gold’, showing a unique sense of elegance. The watch is connected to a folding buckle with the word ‘AP’. Colleagues who are beautiful and generous can well ensure the safety of the watch between the wrist and is very reliable.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Rose Gold Watch
In summary: without any table cloth, the sparkling and luxurious Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series rose frosted gold watch shows elegant and noble charm on the table. The watch has been highly praised by watch lovers since its launch, which shows the charm and influence of this watch. Favorite cousin, may wish to enter the Audemars Piguet store to see its gorgeous posture.