Patak Philippe Montblanc Gold And Silver Shuangjiao

Golden symbolizes nobility, glory, luxury, and splendor; silver is relatively elegant, elegant, rational, and futuristic. For more formal and grand occasions, choosing gold or silver accessories will definitely not make mistakes.
Five rules of color matching:
In the organization of colors, there are many ways to form ‘color beauty’, such as adjusting the area ratio, changing colors, adding intermediate colors such as gold, silver, black, white, and gray, gradation of hue, and shifting the color position. The following five color matching rules can make the color matching in our daily life simple and clear.
Hue color matching:
The combination of three or more colors is more lively. However, when applying this color matching rule, pay attention to the purity and brightness of the colors used, otherwise it will cause visual confusion.
Approximate color matching
With reference to the hue ring, it is easier to match two adjacent and similar colors. This color matching method is more coordinated and has a lower error rate because the hue is close.
Progressive color matching
Select one of the three elements of hue, lightness, and purity as the reference object, and arrange the colors in order according to the degree.
Color matching
Especially the gradual color matching of hue or lightness, the overall hue is stable and eye-catching.
Accent color
When you encounter two colors and do n’t know how to deal with them, as long as the two colors form a large contrast in the area, one color is the main color and the other is the second color, you will basically not make mistakes.
Separation color
If the two colors are close to each other and do not look distinct, you can add a contrast color to the two colors to increase the intensity. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, then add beige, white and other colorless, safe neutral colors.