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Find a lovely way to express time. I think this is a fun place for MB & because he is bold, innovative, and uses the collective memories of childhood to attract the attention of watch lovers. These watch lovers Like the founders of the brand, they are in their 40s and belong to a group with strong consumer power.

Legacy Machine Perpetual

Platinum material / manual winding movement / hour, minute, date, day of the week, month, retrograde leap year display / perpetual calendar function / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 30 meters / diameter 44mm
Take the brand’s last hit in 2015, the Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar Watch (I call it the LM Perpetual Calendar) as an example. Although it is a hollow design, the brand abandons the selling point because this move is very similar to the general marketing route of the brand Similarly, it is difficult to attract serious attention from the media and collectors. When reading the MB & F press release on the LM perpetual calendar, I found that the focus is not on the hollow face of the appearance. The title of the press release does not mention the hollow, only the mechanical structure of the perpetual calendar has completely overturned the traditional perpetual calendar process. . In fact, friends who know MB & F have been surprised. It is not the style of the brand to obediently make watches. ‘Think out of the box’ is the way of MB & F’s survival and success.

Legacy Machine Perpetual uses a fully integrated 581-part movement (no module, no basic movement), combined with a revolutionary innovative system, which can calculate the number of days per month. This watch reinterprets the aesthetics of the perpetual chronograph, placing all its complex functions on a balance wheel suspended on an unfixed dial.

From the perspective of aesthetics and dynamics, the hollow design of the LM perpetual calendar is very attractive. The floating balance balance in the center is fascinating. The posture of swinging from side to side is strong and powerful. In addition, the floating small dial is siege on the left, right and lower sides. , Simultaneous display of the day, month, and date, achieving simplicity, complexity, clean design, complex functions, but beautiful expression. This design is based on the LM Perpetual Calendar watch without a basic movement, but it can fully integrate 581 components and place all complex functions under the floating balance wheel. The visual effect is amazing, and it can be said that it is enthralling!
The so-called words are not amazing and endless, more or less, MB & F holds this attitude, hoping to achieve ‘the movement is not amazing, never stop.’ Cousins ​​know that the function of the perpetual calendar, in simple terms, is to accurately calculate the leap year and the size of the month and month. The traditional perpetual calendar movement has the opportunity to skip the date and adjust the relevant date when the date is about to enter the next day. Gears are easily damaged. Today MB & F launched this LM perpetual calendar watch, which corrects the above shortcomings, no date skipping occurs, and the line is adjusted when the date changes, and the related gear will not be damaged in any way.

In addition to the platinum version 950, Legacy Machine Perpetual also launched 18K rose gold models, each limited to 25. The new perpetual calendar on the dial is set against precious metal, which enriches the mechanical beauty visible on the surface and complements each other.

The top priority is the ‘mechanical processing mechanism’ built into the movement, and the brand is applying for a patent for the mechanism. This structure is very different from the traditional perpetual calendar movement, which relies on a large leverage system to handle date changes. For example, when the month is less than 31 days, the large leverage system will have a few more days and skip to the 1st. As for the ‘mechanical processing mechanism’ of the LM perpetual calendar, it is preset to 28th every month. Depending on the size of the month, additional days are added to help avoid accidents when the gear is stuck when the date is skipped.
MB & F is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015. From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, it has continuously released breathtaking works. Firstly, the affordable HMX has made its head start. Popular among mechanical fans. The Arachnophobia bell, which looks like a spider, is a work of ingenuity. At the end of 2015, MB & F did not relax, launching their first LM perpetual calendar watch, bringing a new atmosphere to the market that subverted traditional craftsmanship.
The LM Perpetual Calendar is available in either 18K rose gold or platinum 950 cases, with a limited edition of 25 pieces each. All functions of the perpetual calendar, retrograde leap year and 72-hour power reserve display are fully displayed on the faceplate.