Rare Enamel Craft Tasting Athens Classic Series Gold And Golden Rooster Watch

In Chinese history, chickens have always been gifted with positive, sunny, punctual, and so on. Majestic and cocky roosters have always represented energy and hard work. Athens Watch of Switzerland launched the new year of the rooster zodiac with golden enamel enamel 鎏 in 2017. In this watch, the rooster has always held his head upright, showing his energetic appearance. And this watch uses the rare enamel technology to highlight the brand’s innovative ideas and superb technology. (Watch model: 8152-111-2 / ROOSTER)

Complex procedures, precious and rare

   The Athens watch has been using enamel technology for more than 25 years to make dials. It is also one of the few watchmaking brands specializing in this century-old technology. The master of craftsmanship captures the natural power and beauty of the rooster on the classic dial of the Golden Rooster. Through the infilled enamel technology with a history of more than 100 years, the master craftsman’s sketches are given different lives.

   The 40mm 18K rose gold case is extremely luxurious. Through the anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, you can clearly see a gilt golden rooster proudly present on the dial. This process of filling enamel first uses a chisel to sculpt grooves on the metal faceplate according to the texture of the pattern, and then fills in the enamel glaze blending solution. Different metal oxides will extract different color hues, and then set the color after baking at high temperature. After the dial is polished, there is a very fine process. The engraver will carve all the metal dividing lines on the dial to enhance the visual effect. The complicated process and the exquisite craftsmanship are only for making an extraordinary work.

   The crown is inlaid with a sapphire, which shines charmingly. The classic logo of the Athens brand is drawn on the top, which is beautiful and elegant. The crown is also waterproof, which meets the needs of daily life.

   The strap is perfectly connected with the lugs and complements the ocher gold color of the dial. The overall hue and texture reveal a noble and elegant temperament. The black leather strap and rose gold pin buckle look elegant and elegant. The strap material will increase the comfort of the wrist when worn on the wrist.

   The watch is equipped with a UN-815 movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory, and is recognized for its extraordinary quality. It has an automatic winding function, a transparent case back design, and sapphire crystal glass, which is fixed by screws. The power reserve is about 42 hours and the waterproof depth is 50 meters.

   Combining the distinctive movement with exquisite enamel technology, it gives the watch a unique texture. Athens Watch sincerely launches a limited edition of 88 gold-plated golden rooster watches. This elegant watch is a must-have for successful brave and confident people, and is also loved and respected by collectors.
Summary: The Athens watch 鎏 Golden Rooster watch vividly shows the rooster’s look, which is unforgettable. The Athens watch uses a rare enamel process to realistically interpret a realism on the dial. Watch design shows a passion to move forward, just as people need to fight for life, they need to fight for it. This exquisite and beautiful timepiece is limited to 88 pieces, and it is worth owning regardless of collection or wearing.