Recording The Time Of Another City Glashütte’s Original Shenyang Zhongxing Boutique Grand Opening

German watchmaking art from 1845

   This sentence is solemnly written on the wall of each Glashütte original store. In 171, following the dreams of the first generation of Glashütte watchmakers, Glashütte’s original pursuit of presenting the highest quality mechanical watches has never stopped.

   For 171 years, even in extraordinary times, Glashütte Original has adhered to German traditional skills and protected valuable expertise. German watchmaking never ceased in the small town of Glashütte, and after a baptism, Nirvana was born again.

   All the time, what this watchmaking factory from Glashütte has done is to bring the purest German watchmaking traditions to the blessing of the original spirit to produce outstanding timepieces for you.

Record time around the world

   With this conviction, Glashütte Original brings the pure German watchmaking tradition to the world-Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing … This station came to Shenyang.

   On the wall, Glashütte-Beijing-Shenyang, showing the clocks of the three places ticking, and the frequency of the second hand jumping is equally accurate all over the world.

Simple space, the watch is the protagonist

   Simplicity and elegance are the consistent style of Glashütte’s original shops. Jing Ya beige, dark wood, light leather, the delicate contrast of colors and materials create an elegant atmosphere, which is showing the essence of the brand’s timely plan: simple and clear, elegant and generous, yet modern.

   The metal carved ceiling on the top of the store presents a charming mechanical movement pattern, which instantly immerses people in Glashütte’s original, detailed, unique and deep watchmaking culture. The customer rest area is located on the inside of the shop. Here, we will provide customers with high-quality customer service, so that every VIP can feel at home.

Exclusive watch, giving you different time

   Among the many timepiece masterpieces presented in the shop, the Senator Large Calendar Moon Phase Watch is particularly eye-catching-inheriting the classic appearance of the Senator series, the iconic midnight blue electroplated dial was independently developed by the Glashütte original dial factory.

Senator Large Calendar Moon Phase Watch
Automatic movement 100-04 / stainless steel case / diameter 40 mm, thickness: 11.52 mm
Second hand reset / big calendar / lunar phase / waterproof 5 bar

   It is equipped with Glashütte’s original and unique midnight blue dial, which requires 40 skilled craftsmen to complete. In order to create the ideal color tone, precise control must be performed throughout the plating coloring process, for example, to ensure that the voltage is maintained at the correct level, and to ensure that the dial is immersed in the plating bath for an accurate period of time. Keep accurate and suitable distance.

   Just like Glashütte Original’s principles in the manufacture of each movement component, the dial must also meet the required parameters during manufacture, including strict standards for the texture, pressure and durability of the dial.

   You will understand the charm of this deep midnight blue.

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