Rossini’s Leading Thirty Years Brand Touring Press Conference Held In Changbai

On May 10th, the first stop of Rossini’s 30th Anniversary Brand Touring Series-‘Rosini’s 30th Anniversary Brand Touring Exhibition and Hu Jun’s Exclusive Limited Edition Watch Release Conference’ at Changchun Department Store The building was grandly held. Hu Jun, the spokesperson for Rossini brand image, was invited to attend. This event officially started the 30th anniversary of Rosini’s time brand journey.

¬†As the longest building in Rossini’s ‘Single Store Sales in the Country’, it has created Rossini’s brilliant achievements and legendary records, carrying Rossini’s pride. Rossini watch general manager Mr. Shang Jianguang, president of Changbai Building, Mr. Zhao Demin, and movie star Hu Jun pressed the button together. The meticulously designed Rossini anniversary event LOGO ’30’ was instantly lit, like a soaring bird Flying freely higher, it means that Rossini has been glorious for 30 years.