Seiko Sportura Fc Barcelona Chronograph Watch

Earlier this year, Seiko SEIKO reached a three-year global partnership with FC Barcelona, ​​the most successful football club in the world football, and has begun a team and star Player-based global promotion activities.
As the current champion of the Spanish League and the UEFA Champions League, FC Barcelona FC can be described as the king of the crown, and since its establishment, it has won numerous championships in various major events. Seiko Seiko launched a chronograph watch with the club’s main color and emblem as the main theme. At the beginning of the new season of 2011/12, everyone will often see this timepiece with Barcelona characteristics in the hands of Barcelona players. .

 Seiko Sportura FC Barcelona Chronograph was created by SEIKO Seiko, which has always been at the forefront of sports timekeeping, and FC Barcelona FC, the world’s best football team. With their team spirit, in the future SEIKO Seiko and FC Barcelona will continue to share their beliefs in order to continue to write world-class glory.

It is worth mentioning that the commemorative booklet included with the watch contains pictures and signatures of Barcelona stars, and of course there is also an emblem in the watch box, which is very collectable. As the new season begins, every FC Barcelona player will have its own Sportura FC Barcelona watch.
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