Service Is The Most Important Part Of Retail Industry

Yuyi and Xiyunjia watches and clocks have always valued the high-quality experience of customers, with ‘Find your uniqueness’ (Find your uniqueness) as the concept of customer service, so especially set up a distinguished customer service area in the store for Guests can enjoy watches comfortably, and provide professional watch matching and other services to allow customers to fully enjoy the time of their favorite clocks.
   This time the Watch House was fortunate to interview Mr. Cai Gazan, Chairman of Xiyunjia Watch Group, and listened to Mr. Cai to talk about his views on the watch industry.

Watch House: Xiyunjia Watch Group includes two major retail brands, Xiyunjia and Yuyi. Are there any differences between the two retail brands, and are there differences in emphasis?
Mr. Cai Gazan: Xiyunjia and Yuyi Watches are members of the Xiyunjia Watch Group. Both attach great importance to professional and considerate services and provide customers with high-quality watches around the world.
Xiyunjia Watch & Clock Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to the quality experience of customers. With the three innovative operating principles of ‘Trust’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Exclusive Exclusive Service Experience’ (TIE), it provides customers with the most outstanding, Dedicated and quality shopping environment and the most complete selection of watches.
And Yuyi Watches implements the concept of ‘Unique‧Unique’ to provide customers with creative and superior exclusive shopping experience, suggest the most suitable watch for customers, and provide personalized and considerate services, so that customers can enjoy superior shopping Experience, you can also find your own unique watch.
Watch House: As we all know, Rising Sun International Group is engaged in toy production and real estate business. Since the group fully acquired Xiyunjia Watch Group in 2010, what is the most difficult thing for you to enter the retail industry?
Mr. Cai Gazan: The first investment in retail business is one of the important milestones of the Group’s development. Because in retail, in addition to goods, there are elements such as sales staff, location and promotion, so each link is closely linked, so you must consider more comprehensively before making a decision. Moreover, retail is most affected by the market economy and atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to be flexible in operation, promotion and all aspects in order to cope with the rapidly changing market.
Watch House: Service is an important part of the retail industry. In this regard, how does Xiyunjia Watch Group do it?
Mr. Cai Gazan: In the watch and clock retail industry, in addition to the perfect after-sales service, the professional services provided during hospitality sales are equally important.
The Group focuses on personnel training and development, formulates processes and guidelines for operations and sales, unifies service standards, and arranges regular training for front-line staff to ensure that each branch can clearly grasp the key points and provide customers with high-quality services.
The team’s understanding of brand history and product knowledge is the basis for professional services. Market trends, fostering a keen sense of the market, customer-oriented entrepreneurial spirit and polite attitude, so as to listen to customers’ needs and provide excellent and satisfactory services.
Watch House: I heard that you are also a watch collector. Which are your favorite collections?
Mr. Cai Gazan: The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series will always occupy an important seat in my mind, and also occupy a certain amount in my collection. The recent brand of the Royal Oak GMT tourbillon concept watch, its white design is the definition of beauty.
The Roger Dubuis Hommage series is equally intoxicating. I was fortunate to have Mr. Roger Dubuis specially designed and built only one minute repeater tourbillon watch in the world.
Watch House: Finally recommend a watch for beginners? List three.
Mr. Cai Gazan: I have a passion for watches and cars, so this time I will introduce three sports watches related to cars.
Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph

Montblanc released a sporty chronograph stopwatch at 2015 SIHH. The steel case ceramic bezel has a black surface with a red outer ring and chronograph hands. It can also be used with the brand’s latest e-Strap smart band. It can be connected to a smartphone to play music and handle email and schedules. , Social media, etc., can be said to be a major breakthrough for watch brands.
Tag Heuer Formula 1-David Guetta

The watch design is inspired by the watch developed for the Heuer army in the 1960s. This time it is a re-allocation with the contemporary musical David Guetta. The watch design is centered on travel, so it has world time, second time zone function and ‘day / night’ ‘It has a unique style with a black pin buckle. The black titanium carbide-coated case is equipped with a Twin-Tim automatic winding movement and is water-resistant to 200 meters.
Baume & Mercier Capeland Shelby Cobra

The Baume & Mercier Capeland Shelby Cobra special edition watch, the concept is derived from the classic racing brand Shelby Cobra, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Shelby Cobra’s winning the FIA ​​International Championship. The surface diameter is 44mm. It is equipped with a stainless steel case with an automatic winding movement, and the chronograph dial is specially presented in white. Shelby Cobra’s famous ‘Cobra’ logo is used as the second hand, making the overall design more eye-catching and full of racing style. Limited to 1,965.