Shanghai Tennis Masters Richard Mille Richard Mille’s Best Friend Alexander Zverev Advances To The Top 16

The 2018 Shanghai Tennis Masters was held at Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Center from October 6th to 14th. The Masters is one of the 9 stops on the ATP1000 World Tour and the only ATP1000 tennis tournament in Asia. Since the 2009 ATP1000 Masters was settled in Shanghai, and this year is exactly the 10th anniversary, tennis has gradually become the charm of Shanghai.

Alexander Zverev and Nicholas Baslashvili on the field

   In this event, many tennis superstars gathered in Shanghai, including Federer, Djokovic, Del Podro, Chinese teenager Wu Yixuan, and Alexander Zverev. From October 10, Alexander Zverev will start his schedule and give us a wonderful performance.

   Actually, Alexander Zverev won the first tour championship in his career at the St. Petersburg Open in 2016, and he defeated 6-4, 6-4 in the Madrid Masters in May this year. Dominique Tim, successfully succeeded, became the third ATP1000 Masters in his career after Rome and Montreal in 2017, and also ranked third in the world ranking, achieving a career breakthrough.

Alexander Zverev wears RICHARDMILLE Richard Mille RM67-02 Automatic

   On October 10th, in the second round of the Shanghai Masters Championship, Alexander Zverev, with his outstanding performance, defeated the China Nets champion Nicklos 7-5, 6-4 without any doubt. · Bahirashvili, successfully promoted to the top 16 of the men’s singles. On the field, Alexander Zverev wore a RICHARDMILLE Richard Mill RM67-02 Automatic automatic watch and went hand in hand to the field.

   RM 67-02 is the lightest automatic mechanical watch of RICHARD MILLE. It weighs only 32 grams (including strap) and is decorated with the national flag of the country where the four ambassadors belong.

   This one in Zverev’s hand is decorated with the same three colors of black, gold and red as the German flag. , Highlighting his hardworking spirit.

Richard Miller ambassador Rafael Nadal

   Another eye-catcher in the RICHARDMILLE family is Rafael Nadal. Last year on the Australian Online, two image ambassadors of RICHARDMILLE, Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev, launched a battle with a sense of heroic sympathy. Already ranked second in the world, Rafael Nadal praised Alexander Zverev, calling him ‘a full-fledged player’, and the two presented a wonderful match on the field.

Rafael Nadal wears RM27-03 watch

   The RM 27-03 watch shows the king’s style of Rafael Nadal. The red-yellow-toned TPT® quartz case symbolizes Nadal’s home country, Spain, and it is only through a proprietary process that it can show brilliant colors. Equipped with a tourbillon movement capable of withstanding up to 10,000g impact force, it can be said to be almost indestructible. This RM 27-03 watch also became Nadal’s partner on the field.

   Unfortunately, Rafael Nadal failed to participate in the Shanghai Tennis Masters due to a knee injury. Nadal is the defending champion of the China Open Men’s Singles. However, the last Shanghai Masters lost to his old rival Federer and passed the champion. Nadal has always had hidden dangers in the 2018 season, so he has to withdraw from this schedule. If the knee injury recovers well, Nadal will play in the last match before the ATP Year-end Finals at the end of October.

   We sincerely wish Alexander Zverev everything well in the next game. Let us look forward to his performance together! (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)