Tag Heuer Chronograph Wins ‘best Watch’ Award

The Geneva Watch Awards is the most authoritative watch competition in the Swiss watch industry. The jury awards 5000 Swiss francs ($ 5,166) to the best watch maker for the ‘La Petite Aiguille’ (Best Watch Award). With outstanding technology and avant-garde design, this is the sixth time TAG Heuer has won this award in 10 years.

   TAG Heuer’s President and CEO Jean-Christophe Babin said, “This is a great victory for TAG Heuer and our honorary chairman, Jack Heuer. In fact, many TAG Heuer classics come from Jack, Monaco, Silverstone (Silverstone), and of course Carrera, all shine with his wisdom. From the time he designed the first Carrera watch in 1964, every generation of products since then cannot be separated from his care. Pay attention. The new 1887 chronograph is just to inherit this glorious history. As a Grand Classique redesigned for the 150th anniversary of TAG Heuer, Carrera 1887 chronograph is equipped with the same spirit as the original design. TAG Heuer’s latest ‘engine’, Calibre 1887, makes it a masterpiece that far surpasses the original in terms of appearance, quality, performance and precision. ‘
  The development, manufacturing and assembly of TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronographs are all carried out at TAG Heuer’s advanced workshop in Switzerland. Its core component is Calibre 1887. This is a new modern mechanical chronograph movement made by TAG Heuer.

   We are not pursuing differences, but we are seeking to improve efficiency. The latest classic in Carrera tradition.

   ‘TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph symbolizes the outstanding achievements of Tag Heuer in the manufacture of mechanical movements and cases,’ said Jack Heuer. ‘We spent three years designing and developing new movements in a ‘all-in-one’ watchmaking workshop, using advanced Swiss equipment and mechanical tools for various micron-accurate stamping, turning and grinding processes. It is this first-class technology that has helped us to create a true ‘original home-made’ movement with a cost advantage-perfectly reflecting TAG Heuer’s famous ‘reasonable cost / reasonable price’ concept.