The Tourbillon Wonder: Subversive Look Naked And Frank

Recently, the top Swiss watch brand Athens Watch held a 10th anniversary exhibition of the “Fantastic FREAK” series of watches in Shenzhen Vientiane City, Shenzhen’s Hengli World Watch Center. Ren Dingxiang said that to this day he still remembers the shock of seeing FREAK’s first watch more than ten years ago. ‘Many years have passed, but the most impressive thing is the first day-chain tourbillon wrist. Watch, that’s really a feeling of being deeply shocked. ‘
In 2001, being shocked by the Athens watch FREAK series seven-day tourbillon watch, it was more than just Dingzhi.
This watch, developed by contemporary master watchmaker Dr. O’Kelin, presents the whole picture of the original mysterious tourbillon for the first time in a frank and candid manner, sharing its secrets with everyone. What’s more, this is the world’s first FREAK tourbillon that uses silicon crystals as an escapement. The concept of an oil-free movement subverts the history of watchmaking for centuries.
Even for ordinary people, Whimsical is still a watch with a subversive look and feel, because-it does not have the hour and minute hands, dial and crown.
After that, the FREAK series continued its fantastic characteristics. Even today, the use of diamond materials is still a new process for extremely sensitive movement components, but as early as a decade ago, Athens Watch has seen this technology lead in the industry. In 2005, FREAK DIAMOND HEART adopted the diamond escape wheel. Two escapement wheels are responsible for the function of energy transmission. The escapement wheels rotate in clockwise and counterclockwise directions and interact with each other to directly transmit power to the balance wheel.
In 2007, Athens Watch further improved its core technology and launched FREAK DIAMONSIL, an escapement device using a combination of diamond and silicon crystals. This combination is actually the birth of a new material: the use of nanotechnology to plant artificial polycrystalline diamonds on the surface of natural silicon crystals makes the new material both lightweight and highly stable.
FREAK Diavolo, the Whimsical Dark Lord launched in 2010, can be said to pay tribute to the Whimsin Tourbillon launched in 2001, which is based on the improvement. The watch uses silicon as the material of its patented hairspring, optimizing the application of this advanced technology material, and using cutting-edge technologies such as optical lithography to further enhance the watch’s performance. In terms of technology, the Whimsical Black Devil Tourbillon demonstrates another development of the Whimsical family: a flying tourbillon with a seconds display replaces the commonly used oscillator, and two new ball bearing systems and a balance wheel concept and design. No other tourbillon will have such a powerful oscillator control, so as to obtain a power reserve of up to 8 days, which makes the Whimsical Dark Lord Caruso Tourbillon’s accuracy reaches the height of a mechanical astronomical watch.
In 2010, the Whimsical Dark Demon King was born to pay tribute to the Whimsin Tourbillon launched in 2001. In 2007, the FREAK DIAMONSIL watch is made of new and lightweight materials with high stability. In 2001, Athens watch’s first FREAK series seven-day tourbillon watch, without hour and minute hands, face plate and crown, has a very subversive appearance.