The World View Presented By Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas Series And Steve Mccurry Across The Border

Vacheron Constantin announces a special cross-border cooperation with the famous American photographer Steve McCurry, which aims to show the extraordinary charm of the Overseas series, and to make a difference with a unique perspective through the lens of this outstanding photographer World view. Just like the 12 hours shown on the dial, photographers will pick 12 locations to capture unique timeless moments.

 Vacheron Constantin’s Travelling Spirit
   The new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series timepieces have both leisure elegance and practicality. With the pace of the journey, each new discovery continuously stimulates more acute insights, perfectly showing the travel spirit contained in the series. This global travel spirit embodies the core philosophy of the brand, which was founded in Geneva in 1755 and is the oldest watchmaker in pursuit of excellence. Since its inception, the brand has been committed to long-term development. In the 18th century, the name of the brand has been well-known on four continents, and it is now spread all over the world. The historical archive of the brand name ‘Rencontre’ records and preserves the great achievements of Vacheron Constantin’s overseas sales. Through more than 260 years of uninterrupted history, through these encounters, the brand’s reputation has been spread to distant corners of the world.

 Vacheron Constantin and Steve McCurry: peak collaboration
   Perfectly reflecting the essence of modern fine watchmaking’s pursuit of comfort, the new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series is the ideal companion for modern travelers, witnessing every encounter and every new exploration of the wearer. In order to highlight this world view formed by travel, Vacheron Constantin chose to be shot by legendary photographer Steve McCurry, who has always taken ‘humanistic care’ as the core of his work. The collaboration stems from a timeless concept that captures images and interprets the concept of time through the common ideas between photographers and brands.

 Capturing eternal moments

   SteveMcCurry’s original dream was to become a filmmaker and studied at the University of Pennsylvania School of Art and Architecture. After graduation, he traveled to Europe, South America and Africa. In order to combine his passion for travel with his career, Steve McCurry finally decided to become a photojournalist. Gradually, Steve McCurry has his own business philosophy. He observes life … and waits patiently for the time to come. He explained that if you do this, ‘people will slowly forget the existence of the camera, and then show the true side of the soul.’ Later, he began to report on international and civil war conflicts and was awarded the RobertCapaGoldMedalAward, proving that His courage and wisdom. Regardless of whether it is a landscape or a person, his work always has an amazing quality, and has won many awards for it, and is well known at home and abroad. He has a very unique perspective on people and time. The latter has become a highlight in his work. Steve McCurry is always looking for ‘unexpected surprises, so that he can unexpectedly discover many interesting things that are not obtained through deliberate searching. . ‘His curiosity drove his work to break through the linguistic and cultural barriers, thereby capturing the true meaning of things and the humanistic spirit, making him the best candidate to interpret the travel spirit of Vacheron Constantin and Overseas.
Around the World: 12 Itineraries Around the World
   Vacheron Constantin and Steve McCurry join forces to explore the world and interpret the Overseas Series: photographers will use lens to present 12 mysterious areas that are rarely, rarely known or even difficult to enter. Behind these fascinating photos is the driving force behind Vacheron Constantin’s development over the past 260 years. The spirit of strict self-discipline, patience and meticulousness, persistence in innovation, continuous development, inheritance from generation to generation, and looking at the world is only part of the eternal world view presented by Vacheron Constantin and Steve McCurry. This long march will set sail in Geneva in February 2016 and will last a full year worldwide.
About Vacheron Constantin
   Founded in 1755 in Geneva by Jean-Marc Vacheron, Vacheron Constantin has a history of more than 260 years, making it the world’s oldest watchmaker who has never interrupted production. Vacheron Constantin follows the spirit of high-quality watchmaking, and continuously designs, develops and produces extraordinary watch pieces, carrying the brand’s three basic values, namely superb watchmaking skills, harmonious and highly creative aesthetic design, and Perfect art craft.
   Vacheron Constantin has always worked closely with the art and cultural communities to promote the development of arts and crafts, the core of contemporary creative fields. At the same time, Vacheron Constantin provides a cooperation platform for talents in the field of design, highlighting the excellent results of the combination of the two.
About Steve McCurry
   For more than three decades, Steve McCurry has been one of the iconic figures in contemporary photography. Steve McCurry was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He studied film photography at Penn State University before moving to a newspaper office. Two years later, Steve McCurry’s first visit to India was the starting point for his numerous trips to India in the future. During the journey, he would only carry some clothing and film, and explore the land with his camera.
   A few months later, he crossed the border into Pakistan. In a small village, he saw several refugees from Afghanistan, when Russian invaders were forbidding Western journalists from entering Afghanistan, and these people helped him sneak into the country. In the following months, Steve McCurry lived with the local jihadist guerrillas. He was dressed in traditional clothes, with a beard and a weather-beaten face, and he finally sewed the film into his clothes and returned to Pakistan. Steve McCurry’s photos are also among the first in the world to expose Russian atrocities.
   Since then, Steve McCurry has traveled on six continents and many countries and has created many memorable photographs. The content of his works covers regional conflicts, cultural demise, ancient traditions and contemporary cultures, but at the same time retains the humane care shown in his energetic and famous ‘Afghan Girl’. Steve McCurry has won many prestigious international awards, including the Robert Capa Gold Medal Award, the National Press Photographers Award, and, among many others, he has won four unprecedented awards. First prize at the World Press Photo Contest.