Those ‘smart Watches’ That Appeared 30 Years Ago

As early as Pebble started financing on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, before the concept of the so-called iWatch even appeared in people’s minds, the ‘Casio Calculator Watch’ launched by Casio was already a very modern Sense of watch products. Let’s take a look at the ‘smart watch’ that appeared 30 years ago.

 Pulsar calculator watch

 In fact, when Casio launched calculator watches that year, similar products from other manufacturers had already been on the market five years ago. However, the debate over which calculator watch product is a pioneer in this field has never been finalized. Some people believe that the Calcron LED wrist calculator, which was advertised in Playboy magazine as early as 1975, is the earliest calculator watch product. However, some people believe that the Pulsar calculator watch (formerly Hamilton Watch Company) is the earliest player in this field.

 HP HP-01 Calculator Watch

 In 1977, HP also entered the watch market and launched its own LED calculator watch ‘HP-01’ that year. At that time, the HP-01 was available in five models for a total of $ 650-850. It is reported that HP-01 is much smarter than other ordinary pocket calculators and can complete more than 30 kinds of computing tasks.

 Casio C-80

 Although Casio wasn’t one of the first companies to enter the industry, the company offers consumers great shopping options. At that time, the first calculator watch launched by Casio was called ‘C-80’. This model had relatively large buttons, so users could click the buttons without the need for an additional stylus. What’s more exciting is that this product sells for only $ 50.

 Casio CA-53W

 Finally, let me return to the topic of the Casio CA-53W I just bought this time. Since I bought the Casio CA-53W at the ‘tax season’ (tax season), the United States enters the annual ‘tax season’ once the new year passes. Up to the president of the United States and ordinary people must complete the tax declaration, otherwise Is illegal), so I use this watch not so often.