Treasure Tourbillon World Tour Arrives In Japan

In commemoration of the founder of the brand, Mr. Bao Di, more than 200 years ago, the genius invented and demonstrated the development and innovation of tourbillon technology. , The pioneer of timepiece invention. The inventor of the tourbillon. ‘(Breguet, the innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon).

 According to Watch House, after the tourbillon exhibition in New York, Breguet moved the exhibition site to Japan again. Starting on November 20, 2013, Ginza in Tokyo will open the tour of the tourbillon tourbillon.

 Among the more than 20 tourbillon timepieces on display this time, the Breguet “Tradition” 18K rose gold model is particularly attractive. The ‘Tradition’ series is the representative of the Breguet brand. This watch is not only the first 18K rose gold model, equipped with sesame chain tourbillon and silicon Breguet high-level complex timepiece. A new 18K gold dial with black rhodium plating is also hand-engraved.

 Taking inspiration from the legendary pocket watch designed by Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet, this artistic masterpiece embodies Breguet’s heritage and innovative brand spirit. Its simple and modern appearance highlights the tourbillon and sesame chain device on the board. A structured timepiece vividly displays contrast and layering, giving each component life. These exquisite craftsmanship has obtained four patents, namely the titanium alloy balance wheel, the novel power reserve display on the barrel, the silicon Breguet hairspring, and the tourbillon movement equipped with anti-shock protection mechanism. Watch fans are enthusiastic.