Tuduo Style Series Golden Couple Watch Hot Spot In 2016 Qi Cheng New Still Need To Wait

In 2013, Tudor launched the first fashion series. For three years, the series models have been approved by watch friends for their good market performance. Whether it is the dial color, the detail design on the dial surface, or the size, it gradually meets modern people’s requirements for quality life and aesthetics. It is also one of the better watches in the watch circle. Recently, the author visited the Beijing Blue Island Building Hengli World Watch Center, and found that the hot gold couples are currently on sale, the champagne gold plate is shining and attractive, and the gold bracelet makes the watch extremely ornamental. In addition, there are also classic models of the brand among them, like table friends can follow the author to preview.

Tudor Style Series Gold Couple Watch

   Compared with the previous years, the biggest change of the Gold Fashion watch is that it uses a triangular pit pattern outer ring, which is unique and novel, showing the innovative design of the new timepiece in line with modern aesthetics. The luxurious and magnificent champagne gold dial can be matched with a variety of fashions to show charming style. Men’s mature classics and women’s delicate and elegant, can be made into a couple watch, can also be worn individually, also have different styles.
Tudor HERITAGE ADVISOR 79620TN-95740 watch

  In 2011, Tudor launched the Heritage Advisor series for the first time. With its outstanding appearance and excellent functions, it has been well received by table friends. This Heritage Advisor series is presented with a two-tone surface, and the smooth black luster contrasts with a little red, which is very beautiful. Inheriting the brand’s modern design style further strengthens its sense of high-tech timepieces. As a modern interpretation of the classic alarm clock in 1957, the watch has a classic alarm function, and its movement is specially equipped with a mechanical alarm function component developed exclusively by Tudor, which can emit a uniform and crisp sound.
Tudor Style 12503 Burgundy Dial Watch

   In recent years, with the continuous updating of the public’s aesthetics, burgundy dial watches have become one of the rising trends in the watch circle. With a deep and charming wine red as the dial color, not only makes the dial color more beautiful, but also provides a refreshing and unique style for the wrist. Just like this watch, the gold case bracelet, diamonds and burgundy dial make the watch more noble and elegant, with a unique charm of women.

Summary: In the course of the visit, the author has not yet seen the spot of the 2016 hot bronze models and new Kai Cheng watches, so the watch friends who are looking forward to this need to wait for some time. If you like simple and elegant styles, then the men’s and women’s styles of the Tudor Style collection can also be selected. Cousins ​​who have recently planned to buy, may wish to take a look and choose one.

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