Vientiane Grand View Palace Classic Cartier ‘l’ Odyssée De Cartier ‘high Jewelry Appreciation Meeting

On May 15, 2014, Cartier, a French temple-class brand that experienced a global inspirational journey, arrived in Beijing with the latest L’Odyssée de Cartier collection of high-end jewellery, and presented an extraordinary feast of style again. . As a pioneer of fine jewelry and art, Cartier’s creative footprint spans time and space and is spread all over the world. Through diligent inspiration, he has condensed into a unique Cartier style and stretched out a century-long legendary journey.
 The Zhenpins that arrived in Beijing presented the magnificent Vientiane style to the viewer with unique design and exquisite gemstones. Here, the wild passion of the African land, the smart charm of the modern city and the gentleness and elegance of the eastern country are all in one place. Among them, materials, designs and images with Chinese characteristics illuminate the extraordinary creativity of the emperor of jewellery, perfectly combining western decorativeism with traditional eastern art, and sublimating Cartier’s unique style of multiple inspirations and superpositions.

 The decoration setting is based on the theme of ‘Asia’s Scenic Views’. Among them, the quaint pavilions not only show the magical beauty of Asia, but also mark Cartier’s journey of oriental inspiration.

 The decoration setting with the theme of ‘Mysterious Charm of the East’ reflects the profound mysterious charm of the magnificent Lantern Palace.

 The decorative setting with the theme of “prosperity and dynamics of the metropolis”, a moving halo flickers in the jewelry display cases of modern high-rise buildings, reflecting the high-end jewelry inspired by the city.

 The decorative setting with the theme of ‘African original beauty’, miniature buildings resembling a simple village, contains high-quality jewelry inspired by wild Africa, which is extremely tense.

 A three-chain Cartier haute jewellery platinum necklace with round cut diamonds and cylindrical onyx shows a black and white visual effect on the chain. Two carved red tourmalines are set on the shoulders of each side. This work reflects the architectural aesthetics of the city through the comparison of the shape and color of the gemstones, and it also contains the oriental concept of yin and yang.

 Cartier haute jewellery bracelets resemble fluttering silk: pink topaz neatly arranged in a pincushion cutting process, while double ribbons set with diamonds and onyx surround it; clever impact of pink, white and black , Making the overall tone a gradual wave-like graceful effect, as lush urban scenery, fascinating.

 In Cartier’s fine jewelry bracelets, the dexterous cheetah plays around the 34.27-carat round-cut Zambian emerald, showing elegant appearance, dynamic spiral design, and the overall engraving design that lasted 1,309 hours. The outstanding craftsmanship of the jeweler is amazing.

 Cartier high jewelry necklaces, earrings and rings inherit the charm of ancient Indian celebration necklaces. Among them, the most eye-catching is the high jewelry necklace. Pear-shaped diamonds layered on the neck shine like a ray of light. Very visual impact.