Wanguo Automatic Weekly Calendar Chronograph Watch

Estimated price: HK $ 24,000 ~ 40,000
Falling mallet 65,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 57270 yuan)
Including commission 81,500 HKD (about RMB 71580)
【the year 1995】
Accessories: None
Size: 39mm in diameter
Condition: Two-piece polished stainless steel case with black dial. The dial, case, and movement are all signed. Stainless steel pin buckle.
[Comment] The average level of watch fans can see through at a glance, this watch is based on the more common 7750 movement, IWC with different models of the same movement, the second-hand market price is less than 16,000 yuan! Why this model is so expensive, I still can’t figure it out. Since you are willing to pay this price, why not go to a watch store to buy a new watch?