Want To Experience Tudor’s New Basel 2017 Watch In Person? The Opportunity Is Coming

Tell you the good news. Beijing Hengli Xidan Mall will join hands with the famous Swiss brand Tudor to hold the 2017 Basel VIP Biwan Series VIP tasting on July 29, 2017. After half a year of waiting, the new Tudor 2017 Kai Cheng Bi Wan series will be on display on the day of the tasting. On the day of the tasting, Mr. Lei Xiaoen, a well-known watchmaker, will come to the scene to interpret the characteristics of the new watch for everyone. In addition, guests present can try on new products and take photos. You can also participate in activities and interactions, and more beautiful gifts. Interested cousins, take the opportunity to call to register! (Only 5 participants)

new product launch:

Tudor Biwan Stainless Steel Watch

Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Gold Steel Watch

Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Chronograph

Green Bay Type 41 and Green Bay Type 36

Summary: At this tasting session, table friends can observe the style of the new products of Tudor Kaicheng Biwan up close, and experience the surprise design of the brand new products and excellent watchmaking technology. In addition, there are activities such as interpretation of new products and interactive gifts. It is also a good new product tasting session. The event is limited to 5 seats. The heart-warming cousin may wish to seize this opportunity and register according to the following phone to see the new products of Tudor Kaicheng Biwan at 14 pm on July 29 Style
Tudor New Basel 2017 Exhibition
[Exhibition Date]: 14:00, July 29, 2017
[Registration Tel]: 010—66011216
[Deadline for registration]: July 27, 2017
[Activity Address]: 1st Floor, South Building, Xidan Shop, 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing (Hengli Beijing Xidan Shopping Mall)