Watch Hardcore Evaluation, Not Convinced To Fight

In Europe, two countries have superb watchmaking capabilities. One is the famous Switzerland, and the other is Germany with a strong watchmaking tradition. The earliest pocket watch in human history, the Nuremberg Egg, was born in Germany in the 16th century. The serious and rigorous character of the Germans seems to be particularly suitable for making precise timepieces. Friends who know a little about clocks should know that the town of Glashütte is a watchmaking mecca in Germany, equivalent to Geneva in Switzerland. The world-renowned German watch brand Glashütte is original and Lange is from Glashütte. Yulian Watch Factory located in Glashütte, Germany. In terms of positioning, Glashütte Original and Lange focus on the luxury watch market. A friend who likes German watches often asks me if there are any German watches that are of good quality and close to the people. My answer is: May wish to pay attention to Union Glashütte. The founder of Yulian Johannes Del Stein can see from the name that Yulian is also a brand rooted in the town of Glashütte, which draws rich nutrients from this watchmaking mecca. Maybe everyone is a little strange to Yulian, but if you talk about unity, I believe many people will know. In fact, they are the same brand. Yulian is its official Chinese name now. From the concept of watchmaking, Yulian is committed to creating high-quality watches that are affordable and affordable. The average price is more than 10,000, which will not make it unattainable. At the same time, it has a relatively unique German taste and can fully meet people’s personality. Changing needs. In my opinion, Yulian may not be suitable for those who follow the flow of the people, but if you have the opinion, the taste, and the true charm and value of the watch, I believe that you will naturally agree with Yulian. The elegant 1893 Johannes Del Stein commemorative edition watch only produces mechanical watches, most of which use the durable ETA movement. However, Yulian did not pursue ‘bringing doctrine’ and sold the movement directly in its case. Many of the watch’s processes rely on manual completion, the watchmaker of Yulian will polish, decorate, and even rebuild the movement, so that the movement will take on a new look. Perhaps more importantly, in the price range of less than 20,000, we can enjoy the polishing and transformation level of some Swiss brands with a price of 40,000 to 50,000, which shows the price-performance ratio of Yulian. Among the six major series of Yulian, 1893 can be called the most historical series of the brand. In 1893, Yulian was officially born. At the time of the birth of Yulian 125, Yulian launched the 1893 series of Johannes Delstein commemorative watches that pay tribute to its watchmaking tradition. Blue steel hands, Arabic numerals and orbital scales, paired with elegant beauty, it inherits the watchmaking philosophy of Yulian, and the details are outstanding. With a diameter of 41 mm, the watch uses three classic combinations-blue steel lancet, Arabic numerals and track scales, to create an antique charm. The enamel-coated dial is warm and textured, and is particularly elegant after use. At 6 o’clock, ‘Made in Germany’ not only represents the origin, but also highlights self-confidence. Power reserve indicator at 5 o’clock This is a small three-hand watch with manual winding and a power reserve of 60 hours. The second dial is set at 9 o’clock and the calendar window at 3 o’clock on the right. The practical curved power reserve display is located at 5 o’clock, and the overall layout is orderly. If the outstanding appearance is not enough to say that it is excellent, then let us enter its ‘heart’. Opening the transparent case back, the UNG-56.01 manual winding movement is in sight. The movement has been polished and refined by the delicate Geneva ripples and fish scales, and I am quite surprised. The splints are polished by parallel Geneva waves, and the soleplate is decorated with fish scales. The blue steel screws and jewel bearings complement each other, exuding beautiful beauty. In addition to the Yulian brand logo in the center of the movement, we can also see a special ‘church’. It is a trademark pattern introduced shortly after the establishment of Yulian. At first glance, the yulin logo and church pattern in the center of the movement looks like the ETA6497, but after careful observation, especially after evaluation, it will be found that its basic movement is actually ETA7750. The magnitude of the change is very large, not only removing the timing function, but also changing the automatic winding movement into a manual winding movement. From this we can also see the depth of the skills of the watchmakers of Yulian. After the test of the watch world, the time difference between the parties is less than 5 seconds. However, the clockwork uses a self-winding clockwork. Therefore, when winding, the most obvious feeling is that it is smooth no matter how many turns, without the kind of obstacle when a manual-winding watch is approaching the full chain, let alone worry about the movement of the watch because the winding is too fast. Cause damage. Because the basic movement is ETA7750, the watch’s vibration frequency properly reaches 28,800 times, and the time accuracy is more guaranteed. After testing the five directions of the watch world, it was found that the travel time of this watch in all directions is basically within 5 seconds, and the individual directions can even reach 2 seconds, which indicates that the watch has been strictly adjusted before leaving the factory. Although it has not applied for the observatory certification, from the actual performance point of view, it is not inferior to the observatory table. The shock absorber details of the watch are worth mentioning. In terms of shock absorbers, this watch does not use common Incabloc or Kif, but uses high-end brands such as Swatch Group Leo Omega and Breguet. I saw the double T-shaped shock absorber Nivachoc. This shock absorber not only has a beautiful and unique shape, but also has better shock absorption effects. Yulian’s kindness in watchmaking can be appreciated only by this detail. Watches are available in stainless steel and rose gold limited editions. Among them, the reference price of stainless steel is 18,600 yuan, and the price is quite well controlled. Rose gold limited edition reference price 27500 yuan.