Watches Do Not Maintain Value, But Can They Not Lose Money?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Because I read an article about watch value preservation in a certain media two days ago, I also decided to talk to my brothers about the issue of watch value preservation. The general media wrote about the practical issue of watch value preservation, and wrote all the parity. So I want to say something practical and practical from the perspective of players and sellers. Before I start, I want to explain that the following are some actual conditions in the watch market. I write to tell you that brothers can understand as experience or knowledge. New players please go to the counter to buy watches, old players please show their magic. Let’s start.

This picture is a screen shot of the past two days. Many brothers should have seen it. In fact, it is the issue of watch value preservation.

There is no doubt that watches are not value-preserving.
   When some brothers saw this conclusion, they would say that at the auction, a watch took millions and millions. Why did n’t the watch maintain its value? Yes, some of the watches at the auction can get ‘astronomical’, unfortunately, these watches are not usually available to us. The watches we can access are basically the mainstream brands on the market. And individual rare antique watches at auction are not a thing.

Rolex Paul Newman’s ‘Paul Newman’, this sky-high price watch at the auction has nothing to do with us buying watches.

   The mass-produced watches from various watch brands on the market are mass-produced and continuously supplied. How can things be “preserved” and “valued up” when things are continuously available and can be bought at any time?
   Some people will say that I can get a very low discount when buying a watch, which is much cheaper than the public price. The problem is that you can get new watches with low discounts, and others can get the same discounts. Unless the new watch is left unused, as long as the new watch tears the film to get started, and the new shoes are dropped to the ground, it immediately becomes second-hand. No matter how many folds you get, it is definitely not the price of the new watch, and the price is going to go down. As an example, really, a sister bought a new watch at a 40% discount through a friend. The sisters are very happy. I feel that I have a 40% discount. I went to the pawnshop and I can still make money. As a result, when they arrived at the pawnshop, they were 20% off for recycling, and the sisters were dumbfounded. This is the reality.

Cartier key is a new watch that Cartier has been slowly warming up recently.
   Some people say that Rolex keeps the best value. I use the most straightforward words, Rolex value preservation means that Rolex’s recycling discount is better than other watches. For example, other watches may be recycled at a discount of 50%, and normal Rolex may be collected at a discount of 50%.

   Some people say that I keep the value of my popular watches, the water ghost is super hot. For example, I have a brother who bought a nigga 116610 with a calendar. Calculated according to the exchange rate and discount at that time, the price was good. Not long after wearing it, poisoned the green ghost, and came up with a black ghost for a green ghost. As a result, the nigger was given to the second-hand dealer, the recycling price was 38 thousand, and then he changed the green ghost.
   Some people say that Green Water Ghosts are now over-priced, and a watch is hard to find. The green ghost is indeed the hottest watch now, and some people always joked that those who bought the green ghost before have now made money. But the actual situation depends on the situation. Watches, like cars, also look at the year, such as the Green Ghost in 2011. Now it is impossible to sell at a high price (year, product, accessories, bracelet length, all affect the value of a watch).

Green Ghost’s new full set of stocks now basically exceed the public price, but this does not mean that the second watch you have worn can still maintain the original value. It is inevitable that the price will fall.
   Therefore, the watches you can see and buy on the market are not value-preserving. Most watches have their own discounts, coupled with the generations of new generations, new ones, and old ones immediately fall. How can watches maintain their value?

   Someone would say, then, simply, I will buy a second watch, which is second-hand itself, should this always be worth it? When you buy a second watch, wear it for a while, and get tired, you will find that if you find someone to recycle, you still lose money. Sell ​​it yourself, you will find that the price of other watches like you is lower than yours (because the price of other watches is lower).

The price of niggas is now higher than before, but the recycling price of niggas is actually not that high.
   These situations appear above are the real situation in the watch market. Brothers who want to experience it can sell and sell their watches.

Since the watch doesn’t maintain its value, why can it still say ‘can’t lose’?
   I want to share two sentences with you first. The first sentence is ‘Don’t always think about preserving value and not healthy when buying a watch’; the second sentence is ‘Don’t criticize us for everything is linked to value, if not linked, collectors will soon go bankrupt.’

IWC Mark 18 has a large circulation in the market. The picture shows the little prince on the blue disk.
   These two sentences are two words that impressed me very much in the process of contacting the watch. As you can see, the meaning of these two sentences is opposite. The first sentence is not to consider value preservation, and the second sentence is to consider the value of the watch. It’s boring to buy a watch just considering the value preservation, but it doesn’t consider it at all, it will have an impact on the economy (except everyone). So this degree, take it for yourself.

   Not to mention falsity, buying a watch is costly and expensive. Some people always ‘lost money’ in it, so they can’t buy it slowly, and they have no money in their hands; some people can ‘not lose money’ in it, so they always have money to continue to buy watches. Watches are not value-preserving, but they can also be ‘not losing’, so I will say some practical methods below, everyone depends on their situation, use if you want to use, do not use if not.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new master is also a new watch that has slowly started to heat up recently.
   ‘No loss’ here means that in the process of buying a watch, in and out, basically guarantees ‘balanced income and expenditure’, buying a watch ‘not losing money’ or ‘rarely losing money.’

   The reason why most people buy watches is ‘loss’ because you are standing in a ‘buyer’ position. The watchmaker earns the money of the ‘buyer’, so the ‘buyer’ must lose money. So what should I do? In fact, the reason is very simple. It is a sentence. You must buy the watch at a price lower than the market price, and then wear it yourself. When you wear it for a while, and you are tired and want to take a shot, it is possible to ‘not lose’ or ‘rarely lose’. Of course Sometimes, it can be ‘earned’ (to be honest, as long as you want, watches can be used to make money, it depends on whether you want to). So I bought a lot of watches in, out, and in fact ‘not much money’.

Breguet 7027 is actually a more popular watch. It is called ‘wheel’ by some players and sellers.
   This principle is simple, I told you, but the experience in it requires you to slowly explore it yourself in the process of buying a watch. For example, the most important thing is to understand the market and know the prices of various brands and watches on the market. There are actually three prices here, one is the second-hand market price (the price that the watchmaker sells to the buyer); the price of the same item (the peer price between the watchmakers); Of these three prices, one is lower than the other. So things are simple. As long as you buy the watch at a price lower than the second-hand market price, the watch will not lose, or will lose very little (because you will have to discount it after you wear it). If you buy a watch with a string price or a closing price, then the watch can ‘earn’. Of course, there is one more thing to note. It is best to sell this watch by yourself. If you give it to the watchmaker, people must set aside their own profits, right?

Vacheron Constantin 85180 is also very popular, I feel no worse than Patek Philippe at the same level.
   As for the brand new complete set of new watches, bought at a price lower than the price of the new watch, and directly changed hands, it is also a profitable business. But this has become a pure selling watch, I have not worn it, and I have no fun playing.

   The methods are the above. If you do n’t use these methods to look at yourself, how to buy a watch at a price lower than the market price, you need to explore it yourself (after all, everyone’s way is different), I just tell you some actual conditions. I sometimes use these methods, sometimes I do n’t use them, depending on the specific watch and mood (because it’s very tiring to buy a watch, I always have to think about it when I see a watch). In short, it is not too ‘expensive’ to buy a watch. If you want to buy a watch, you can just ask the leader of the house for money.

   Buy a ‘watch’ or ‘婊’, the family must support you to buy a watch.