What Watch Was Worn In The Movie ‘flying Life’?

There are many movies during the Spring Festival. There is ‘Wandering Earth’ known as ‘the first sci-fi blockbuster in the real sense of Mandarin Chinese’, ‘The King of New Comedy’, which talks about old stalks, sells feelings, and stir-fried rice, and there is a rare domestic road racing film ‘Flying Life’ ‘, There is a’ Crazy Alien ‘co-produced by’ Big Comedy ‘Huang Bo + Shen Teng + Xu Xu … It can be said that the competition is extremely fierce. As of February 8, 2019, ‘Wandering Earth’ has a Douban score of 8.0, ‘New King of Comedy’ has only 5.9 on the street, ‘Crazy Aliens’ has 6.6 points, and ‘Flying Life’ has 7.1 points. In the background age of ‘Wandering Earth’, everyone no longer wears a watch, and the other day also pushed ‘what watches are worn in the movie’ Crazy Aliens ‘?’ What watch is worn in the movie ‘Flying Life’? Shen Teng wore a calculator watch from Casio in the play, the model is CA-53W-1Z, and the Taobao purchase price was less than 200 yuan. In 1972, the American watch brand Hamilton’s sub-brand ‘PULSAR’ launched the world’s first liquid crystal display quartz watch. With today, the status is similar to Apple’s Apple watch, which is the most fashionable and high-tech watch. In 1975, PULSAR continued its efforts and released the world’s first quartz watch with a calculator function. The entire watch is made of 18K yellow gold and the display is covered with sapphire. The watch is on sale at the Tiffany store in New York, not an ordinary department store, and costs $ 3,950. For the same money, I could buy 6 pieces of Rolex water. Everyone knows that the iteration speed of electronic products is very fast, and the high-end PULSAR is gradually going downhill. In 1980, Japan’s Casio, which originally used a calculator, also launched its own watch C-80 with a calculator function, which dropped to $ 75. Even later, Casio also added a phone book function, which was sold in many countries for a while, setting a sales record of 6 million units in the five-year market. Casio has undoubtedly become the overlord of calculator watches. In the end, PULSAR had to be sold to Seiko in Japan. Now it is going to produce mechanical watches … And this calculator watch of Casio has continued to be produced for nearly 40 years, Nai Gao The recognizable classic is very easy to identify. In the movie, like Shen Teng, Yin is wearing a quartz watch from Casio, which is a G-Shock lake blue color version. In 1981, the TOUGH project team under Casio was established. 10 meters drop resistance, 10 BAR water resistance, 10 years battery life. In order to achieve the development goals of three 10s, Ibe Kikuo led the project team to take two years, after more than 200 trials. Finally, in 1983, a new watch G-Shock that subverted the common sense of the watch industry was launched. It can be dropped from the top of a tall building without damage. When it first launched, G-Shock was only popular in a few markets, such as the United States, due to its unique appearance. As fashion trends changed, this product began to be sold worldwide, and G-Shock also became Casio’s iconic watch. After 35 years, G-Shock has set an astonishing record of cumulative global sales of 100 million pieces. In addition to Shen Teng and Yin Zheng, Wei Xiang, who plays the car manager, also wears a Casio, which is an Edifice series. The main appearance feature of this series is the use of metal case + pointer display, in most cases is equipped with steel belt. In the movie, the racer ‘Huang Jingyu’, the car repair master ‘Zhang Benyu’, the pilot ‘Yin Ye’, the driving school coach ‘Tian Yu’, and the big boss ‘Tengger’ all wore watches, even Zhang Chi’s son All have a children’s watch. However, apart from Zhang Benyu, several other people’s watches have not been given close-ups. According to the blurred photos, they have not found the same model for three days. Although some online friends say that Yin Huan wore Tag Heuer and Tengger wore Frank Muller, they were actually wrong. There are so many characters wearing watches in ‘Flying Life’, far more than regular movies. This situation is related to the director ‘Han Han’. According to incomplete statistics, during the shooting of ‘Flying Life’, he changed several watches, which included Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5990 and Jaeger-LeCoultre Ref. 5990. .9068670, Rolex Daytona Ref.116506 platinum ice blue surface. ‘Flying Life’ is the most difficult to identify in the core selection series of articles ‘What watch is worn in the movie’. Only 3 of the 8 actors recognized it. The most elusive part of the non-repair master ‘Zhang Benyu’ is the one. Many close-up shots are given in the movie, and the watch is also very recognizable, such as ‘the huge protrusion on the left side of the case, four handles, Nato nylon strap, digital dial.’ But after searching for a long time, I did not find the detailed information of this watch. —END —